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I can't see myself ever having a real job, so I figure I'll apply for a seed grant this summer. Only problem is, I don't know what to do. For those of you who arent aware of what a seed grant is, I'd get $3000 to start my own summer business, and if I hire people I think they have to be otehr students. at the end of teh summer, I pay back the $3000, but if I pay it before the deadline, I get to keep $1000.

I'm quite multi talented, I can cook, bake, sew, make stuff, I dunno. The only problem is, I don't know of a way to apply those skills in a way that will cost less than $3000. Cooking is pretty much out of teh picture because of health regulations and stuff. Sewing, well, I think Moncton has enough tailoring and repair places, and again, I don't know if I could do it for under $3000, I have 2 sewing machines, but to do alterations I'd need a surger which would run me $500 to $1000, and a blind hem machine, and I have no idea how much that costs, probibly a few thousand at the least, because i think they only make industrial models. The other idea I had would to do someting ambiguous like consulting. I dunno though.

What could I do that would only have a $3000 start up cost?
Keep in mind this didn't work for us, but I do know people that have been successful with this. ( We did not have the time to invest)

Your clients are busy professionals.You become a personal chef. You shop for & prepare healthy meals in the clients home. A weeks worth at a time. They re-heat their meals in a microwave. It requires little capital investment, but you will have to check with Moncton City hall about licensing and health requirements. Good luck.
Why not teach kids to sew? Parents are always looking to fill the long weeks of summer holidays with day camps of various sorts.

You could also do the "make stuff, I dunno" at the same time. In the middle of the day it's off to the kitchen to make lunch and bake goodies to take home.

Talk to your local parks and rec department. They're always looking for summer programs to add... you might even be able to rent their facilities for a reasonable price.
the one that students did our here, was to 'detail' cars, while the person is upstairs at work. they would come to your office, get your car, detail (clean it inside and out) and return to the owner within 2-3 hours. the guys made a ton of money over the summer from that one.
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