bout time you had a thread with your name on it mom :P Hey check out this link and go down to I love sky...hehehehehe I love this bear, he reminds me of me (external - login to view)
What is this?

Introspection night...
no its lattie night :P reflection is best left for fishing..
That was pretty good P The kids loved it.It gives me more good reasons not to sky dive Mrs Mom still wants to try though She will never get me up there

I just want to make sure we are all shuffling slack jawed in the same direction

Alright. But which direction?
To enslavement Twila
Cool Vey creative twila, you made a nice little game out of signatures. I am working on something to get even
Good morning P hows your day going? Hows the weather?Its going to be a scorcher here today already 20 on my back deck I might have to turn on the AC today
Hard-Luck Henry
*psst* peapod. Is it true that Twila has eaten all of those hallucinagenic turnips you had? Oh, dear ...
Hallucinagenic Turnips Hey P you got anymore seeds
Well have you noticed mom twila has not been around much since she stole my neaps! Probally having an adventure with don juan. :P
I noticed Twila is back P Methinks tis Galianomama that stole your neaps I've noticed she's dissapeared right around that time :P By the way where is Gouda Boy he's missing too Cheese and neaps I smell a conspiracy here :P
Cheese and neaps, well you can add a third one to that mom....bruchetta. That was my lunch, a jar of bruchetta and rye crackers...yum...but than I saw a big finger, no it was the whole hand plunge into my jar of bruchetta Who do you think is the owner of this thieving finger....well its herself, galaniomama. She stopped by to rob me of my lunch. I hate it when she won't even use a spoon. She said she will pay you a visit tonight. Don't count on it tho, I cannot tell you how many times she has invited me to dinner, and I show up and nobody is home.

Message for Colman...tell lil ricky pea is looking for him, I lost his email addy again, I did write it on the wall, but than I did my spring cleaning and all the numbers came off the wall...oh wotthehell :P
Heya mom, are you flying on to this island tomarrow?? bring a survival kit with you just in case :P Whoa!!! there is a big storm coming this way!!! Just about got myself blowed away off a cliff well maybe it was just the breakwater :P Best place to watch the mojo of the crabby ocean...get down!!!!! I barely escaped with my life, well I got sprayed anyway. I had my tune blasting in my ears, so I did not have to listen to sparky . Best thing, watching all the people trying to make it to where ever they are going battling the wind. course it helped that I was listening to bedrock, for what you dream of. I tell ya, it was like a watching weather disco dancing with that tune playing. Get down!!!! funky town it was mom

Yes...well anyway...big storm coming this way...Arghhhhhh
Wake up mom!!! Are you really going to go to starbucks in Campbell River when you are there? If so, there will be a coffee there for you from peapod. When you go in you have to tell them you are mom, and you came for your mommy voucher. They will understand. You only get it mom if you follow these instructions
You know I was thinking I just might do that Then I thought this is a mesage from P
Hehehehehehe...only the green hornet knows for sure mom...Any bets to see if mom will ask for his mommy voucher at starbucks in campbell river. :P
Okay mom, I saw you come in here I know your stealthing around. My sources tell me that you have not yet claimed your mommy voucher at starbucks in campbell river. I know this mom, coz I have connections in the underworld of the baristas. Mom will you or will you not pickup your mommy voucher at Starbucks...I even included a pastry. :P

Remember the instructions I gave you now...come on mom, you can do this!
Hey P where is Galianobabe hiding these days I miss her humor Where have you hidden her :P In the garden maybe?
Funnier than me mom is that what you are saying Well she is really busy at work these days, but she was here yesterday, I will tell her you been asking about her...hold on...I am calling right now.....ring ....ring.....
I was not saying that at all oh humorous P :P I just haven't seen her here for awhile and was wondering what she was up to Now I know
Well has you can see mom the mama is the way are you gong to meet up with the wotthehell gang in crofton, tis not far from our hole in the wall...ah! yes crofton pub, so easy to riot the place...millworkers easy to incite :P
Thats because most of them are dumb as stumps I'm still waiting for a call out on that one .I should know by thurs or friday
hi guys.....yup i am here

it has been a wild ride these last few weeks, hopefully i will be out of the eye of the storm soon.....miss ya, but don't worry....i will return
mama, mom done crashed into your post :P Okay mom you find out and the caped one will drive us up in the jeep-mo-bile and we will have a brewsky with you at that hole in the wall, crofton pub *hope nobody from crofton reads this * hehehehehehe this should be vey vey interesting
hey buddy, we have to hit the bar and have a brewsky together if you make it to the big island.

what the hell....i just read the other posts, you guys. i knew i heard the phone...

i am not a garden knob either.....or a gnome i think i want to be a garden knob. i like the title better than a gnome. somehow it seems to fit me around here.
the only thing about crofton is the lovely cooked cabbage smell wafting in the air. god the place stinks. and not much to look at either. where the hell is the pub, pea? i dunno that i ever found the crofton pub, but what's the name of the biker bar between ladysmith and nanaimo? i know it also starts with a 'c'
wt??????? another crash...mmmmmmmm we three could be dangerous if we meet up...we need others...frito lay...hey mama I think frito lay and mom would be good buds..don't ya think? we will load the jeep-mo-bile with the wotthehell pool mom???
yeah count me in for this weekend, i could use a quick trip up to stinkyville

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