Your favorite Muppet?

So, who's your favourite Muppet?

For me it's a toss-up between Oscar the grouch and Grover.

Many years ago, when I used to watch S.Street with my younger brother and sister, I got a kick out of Oscar's droll wit. Like calling the bald headed Gordon, "hey, Curly!"

And then there's poor Grover, always getting the dirty end of the stick.

Classic comedy!
Reverend Blair
Dr. Teeth. He led the most versatile band ever for all those years.
"And then there's poor Grover, always getting the dirty end of the stick."

Ya, I always liked Grover too. Poor soul.

But you have to love the Cookie Monsters style....
Hard-Luck Henry
I have to name two, as they're a double act; The hecklers, Stadler and Waldorf.
Gonzo. Although it's a close race between him and Beaker
Darn! twila, beaker is one of my favorites and dr. honeydew, along with rowlf the piano playing gopher. My favorite is the swedish chef...bork! bork! brok

Love the musical numbers to, and the speeches by sam the eagle.
It's got to be Animal
i always 'liked' sesame street...but loved the friendly giant. their humour was pretty good, especially jerome the giraffe. sigh.

but sesame street.....i dunno....i think the cookie monster was pretty good.
You mean Rusty don't you Galianomama Waht was your favorite chair :P
oooh, mom, i knew you would be a f.g. fan! yeah, the little rocking chair was my fave. i loved that show! (especially the episodes in b+w).....

wasn't the rooster rusty? i thought jerome was the giraffe. you know, i would watch that show when i was little and always felt myself drifting away. when i watched it with my kids i realized the subtle humour attached to it. it was a great canadian. very laid back. yawn. now i need my big silky blanket and a cup of cocoa....
My favorite muppet is from the Jim Henson company but not from Sesame Street. It's "Rigar the 16th" from the scifi serie "Farscape"

I meant Rigel the 16th... not Rigar...
hey - puppets who kill! i love that show and rocko is my fave! actually, everyone on that show is great.....
Your right I'm wrong I still looking for the show so my kids can see it .I think they will love it at least the youngest one
is it still on tv? that would be neat if it was!
Heya, here is my favorite swedish chef moment.
vamoose green gos (external - login to view)
pea, i can see where you got all your cool cooking moves from makes perfect sense

sorta looks like ya too! especially that doofus hat
buzz off lady in pink!!! and stop using my connections to advance your charity work

i'll use whatever means are at my disposal to promote my causes......
I got my own stuff to promote, I am not hitting on your connections *hic* nice coup you made tho...congraduations!
yeah, i was a little stunned but that's nothing new.....
Vanni Fucci
Ummm...Floyd Pepper (external - login to view)
Hey I can dig that
Anybody know when they'll play the Wizard of Oz muppet movie?

I haven't seen it listed, but apprently was aired this spring. Hate when I miss these things.
Jo Canadian

Anybody know when they'll play the Wizard of Oz muppet movie?

Muppets' Wizard of Oz to air Friday May 20 (external - login to view)
I return the nanaimo bar twinks

This May, international R&B super star Ashanti makes her leading lady debut as "Dorothy" in the original telefilm, "The Muppets' Wonderful Wizard of Oz," for the ABC Television Network. Joining her in this madcap adventure movie are actress/rapper/producer superstar Queen Latifah ("Chicago," "Barbershop 2") as her beloved guardian "Auntie Em" and action film master, director Quentin Tarrantino ("Kill Bill," vols. 1 and 2) in a cameo as himself. David Alan Grier ("Life with Bonnie") portrays Uncle Henry and Jeffrey Tambor ("Arrested Development") is the Wizard of Oz. "The Muppets' Wizard of Oz" airs May 20, 2005 (8:00 p.m., ET),
Thanks for that JC. I had no idea there was muppet radio. I may never be the same.........
I think not
Favorite muppet? COOKIE MONSTER YUM YUM YUM. Or is it tofu monster now? :P
Jo Canadian
Personally I liked the Swedish Chef ~Mort Mort~

I used to like Grover until he dissed Canada on the CBC. Anyone see that? He laughed at the thought of Canadian celeberaties. Come on. Celine Dion? She's huge in Vegas!
Hey gonzo where you been so long? Did you find a job yet?

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