Please help!

Frappuccino Dibs
I'm looking for a copy of a book called 'Into the Silk' by Ian Mackersey.

This book appears to be on a par with rocking horse **** for rarity and as such, I have only found one reference to it anywhere and the cost was ludicrous.

So, my task to you, should you choose to except it: Find a copy of this book and let me know where and how much it is.

I will be shocked if anybody finds it at a price I'd be willing to pay.

Your computer will self destruct in 5 seconds
I think not
Well I did a quick search, seems to be out of print in the US. I checked ebay also and not a thing.
I think not
Well I'll be a son of a b...... Amazon UK has it for 220 pounds
I think not
I didn't realize this book was so old, published in 1956? Well I guess I accepted the mission and my 5 seconds are up. :P
Frappuccino Dibs

I was kind of hoping for a couple of quid in a Thrift store.
I think not
Well Frap I found something a bit more reasonable, not a couple of quid as you want it though.

Into the Silk (external - login to view)
Frappuccino Dibs
40 Quid. Still too much I'm afraid.

Thanks for your help though.
I will keep my eye for the book frap
out of print books (external - login to view)

The above site has it for $79.95 US.( = 42.05 pounds )

Have you maybe tried some New Zealand sites? Being that he's from there they might have hidden stores of it.
Haggis McBagpipe
I've had good luck with out-of-print books from Crabcoll: (external - login to view)
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