A close call...

Ten Packs
WHEW!! Just barely dodged a bullet this morning - woke up at 7:02!

Perilously close to getting up before SEVEN! I must exercise a bit more self-control, this could get out of hand. I didn't work all those damn years, only to retire and wind up in THAT kind of personal difficulty!
I dream of sleeping in. It sounds wonderful to lie there and sleep or doze late.

I hope to rediscover that secret one day.
Reverend Blair
I slept until 5:30 this morning...a half hour longer than usual.
Ten Packs
Reverend Blair
I's nice and quiet that time of day, Ten Packs. Nobody moving around. It's the ideal time to get some work done.
I wish I could sleep in!!! I wake up just about every day at five I don't even need a clock. Its the birds!! I have to have a window open to sleep, and those buggers are up at first light with their tunes. :P
ahhh, actually pea it is your snoring that keeps waking you up.....'specially when i am not there to jab you one in the ribs. try a clothes peg on the ol' snoz.

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