Back from hols :-(

Well we're back from Canada and I'm back at work. I reckon I've had about 4 hours sleep over the [ast two days so I may not be that productive today!

We had a fantastic time and I really didn't want to leave. Met up with Peapod, Galianomama and Hammie (I think that's all you board guys...sorry if I forgot anyone) Peapod had laid on a party and gave us a couple of great tours around Victoria. We had a lovely dinner at Galianomamas and met her family, who were great too! Thanks so much for the hospitality guys you really made us feel welcome and we now want to move there more than ever.

We saw a variety of wildlife- loads of eagles, a couple of bears and a bunch of horses running down the highway straight for us!! That was interesting to say the least!

We explored the Island a little and did a few touristy things onthe mainland...oh and we went to Starbucks a lot.

We have seen a development in Ladysmith and hope to buy a house there- it's truely beautiful on the Island- we all loved it.

Well- just thought I'd pop a quick post on- got to get back to work now...oh yeah- my other half has decided to join the board so I am going to have to stop calling him those names now!!

Thanks again all you Victorians- we had such a great time- hope to see you all again soon.
Glad you had a nice vacation. Victoria and the islands are really one of the nicest places in Canada.
Emma dibbs Your home safe and sound Give our regards to Mr. dibbs and wee william...and I have a bangel tiger sitting on my window sil, so you will have return to claim him back.
Banker bill says his regards, as well has sean. We loved you and your little family, and are looking forward to attending your house warming party in ladysmith.
Hi Pea...I suppose we were bound to leave something behind. We did make a bit of a mess in your house...well I mostly balme William for that one.
Frappuccino Dibs
I second Emmas comments.

We really did have a great time and were sad to leave.

However, Emmas the messy one

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