How do you prepare for job interviews?

It seems that the job market is warming up a bit. Are there any people out there who are like me job hunting? My concern is I'm not sure how to deal with those tough job interviews since I haven't done this for a long time. From all I read about interviewing, I'm told that pre-interview practice with a friend or family member is really important. But my problem is I don't have such a qualified person to do that with me. I'm wondering what you guys did when preparing for your job interviews.
Vanni Fucci
I like to get drunk before a job interview, but not so drunk that I puke on the desk or punch out the interviewer...

When the interviewer asks you a question say "What the hell do you mean by that?" which puts the ball back into their court, and shows you have initiative. They like that...
I think not
I have a job interview form that has some basic questions that you may be asked, I have it in PDF format, let me know if you want it or not.
Reverend Blair
You'll likely blow the first couple of interviews, Ganda...that happens a lot. It's nothing to worry about if you learn from it though. Pay attention to the kind of questions being asked so you are better prepared nextr time.

Keep in mind that the interviewer is likely as nervous as you are...most people aren't full-time human resources people.

Speak clearly and don't be evasive.

Take notes, ask questions.

If possible, find out something about the company and the position you are being interviewed for before the interview.

Dress appropriately. If you're applying for an office job, wear the kind of clothes workers there wear, if you're applying for a construction job then dress like a construction worker.

Stress your strengths. If you're good at something, don't be afraid to say so.

Admit your weaknesses. If you suck at something and tell them you are a pro at it, you won't last long.

Be specific. If they ask about computer skills, name programs you can use. If they ask about framing a house, talk about l-studs.
If you are looking for general interview tips or articles, you can go to (external - login to view) for Monster's interview center.

If you are thinking of pre-interview practice on specific questions, there are actually a couple of websites for this purpose. The following two are what I got from Yahoo for your reference using the keyword "virtual interview practice" : (external - login to view) (external - login to view)

Good luck!
Man, job interview suck! Good tips from the Rev... you should do your homework on the company & position beforehand, and practice some typical questions. Most of all, be yourself. Don't try to stretch the truth, or misrepresent yourself - this is not in your benefit or the company's.

Good luck.

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