Hey Jay

Hey Jay heres an interesting article on chemtrails and Haarp let me know what you think?
www.surfingtheapocalypse.net/...cgi?read=68325 (external - login to view)
Hey mrmom....

Sorry I haven't been around for awhile, busy life right now. Thanks for the link and I will try to get back to you on it. Thanks again.
No prob Jay I think You'll find that site interesting I sure do
I went over it a bit....hard to say what is really happening.

"All should easily notice that "Chemtrail" methods are designed to do one thing, conceal. Chemtrails are designed to offset the global warming measurements, so the Govt. can claim global warming does not exist. "

I'm not so sure this is true though, I'm trying to understand why they would do this.....It doesn't make sense that they would allow this to happen, so they can burn oil? yes/no?

But does anything make sense anymore?
Ehm...don't look now, but there is a new member called jaypod what do you make of it? some kind of cagey trickery
It's Cosmo trying to hook us up again.
Is it working? I figure you'd both be more relaxed if you had a little cyber!
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