The Stadium of Light, home of the English soccer team, Sunderland, is reputed to be haunted, after staff and some players claim they have ghost -

From The Mirror -


Soccer stars see ghost in ground

By Jeremy Armstrong

PROMOTION-chasing Sunderland stars are haunted by more than the fear of failure - they believe there is a ghost stalking them.

Two backroom staff at the Stadium of Light club were the first to see a "strange black shape" in a dimly-lit corridor.

And Irish striker Stephen Elliott, 21, was the next to allegedly make a quick exit after sighting the "apparition".

Stadium of Light

Fellow striker Marcus Stewart, 32, said: "What made me think it's true is that Stephen was also talking about it. He's adamant that he's seen something."

The spectre first appeared in the corridors of the club's training academy in Whitburn, South Tyneside, before the home defeat by Reading last Saturday - which ended a run of eight straight wins in the Championship.

Worryingly, the training ground is skirted by a stream known as Cut Throat Dene.

One theory is that Sunderland are being haunted by the ghost of an 18th century wrecker called Spottee. He would guide ships on to the rocks at Whitburn and plunder cargo.

Fans fear he is now out to wreck their Premiership bid - though at least Mick McCarthy's side has a little spirit these days!