if you could meet one person

If you could meet one person, living or not. who would it be and why?
Reverend Blair
H.L. Mencken. To sit in a bar with that man for an afternoon and listen to him ridicule politicians and creationists would be educational as hell.
Well who better rev, he was a reporter at the scopes monkey trial.
"quote from his reporting"

"Darrow has lost this case. It was lost long before he came to Dayton. But it seems to me that he has nevertheless performed a great public service by fighting it to a finish and in a perfectly serious way. Let no one mistake it for comedy, farcical though it may be in all its details. It serves notice on the country that Neanderthal man is organizing in these forlorn backwaters of the land, led by a fanatic, rid of sense and devoid of conscience. Tennessee, challenging him too timorously and too late, now sees its courts converted into camp meetings and its Bill of Rights made a mock of by its sworn officers of the law. There are other States that had better look to their arsenals before the Hun is at their gates."

Anyway, mine would have to be shackleton, his feat never ceases to amaze me, I can read it over and over again and every time its more amazing than the last.
Jo Canadian
I'd like to hang out with Hieronymus Bosch for about a day and see what makes him tick.

Winston Churchill. One of the most important figures of the past century, a great leader, a sense of humor, and a drunk to boot!
Hmmm. My American Indian (great) granny.
Rick van Opbergen
Of course peapod :P Others: Mordechai Anilewicz, one of the leaders of the Jewish Uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto in 1943 (I read some interesting things about him). My greatgrandparents, and two of my grandparents who died before I reached the age of 1. There are more, but at this moment I can't think of any.
Well yes I also forgot about you ricky...ehm..what a ponder...okay If I were to be able to met shackleton, I would insist that my live hero come along...that would be da man ricky :P
Rick van Opbergen
We have a deal :P
John Diefenbaker Just to ask him why he sold out Avro and Canada And Robert Oppenheimer I'd have a million questions for him
Mom I...I...hope you consider peapod your bud, your avatar it...ehm...demands respect :P
I'm an Ubergod now so to Get some respect Ithought I would put up the face of DEATH :P
You got it mom!

I have a lot of questions for him.
good one Jay
I would love to have a chat with Charles Darwin.
Reverend Blair
So would I, Emma. He wasn't given to spending the afternnon drinking beer though, by most accounts...that's why I went for Mencken.
Hehe Rev...I can't see Darwin drinking beer!
I would also like to meet Freddie Mercury though and I'm pretty sure that would involve alcohol.
Reverend Blair
I'd like to meet Freddy too...if only to ask him what the hell he was thinking with that whole retro-50's thing.

I'm more interested in Justin than Pierre now, Gonzo. Pierre was a relatively known quantity, but his kids aren't and Justin seems destined for politics. I also want to know if he and Joe Clark's kid ever had a thing for each other...but I don't want to start some weird Frankensteinian eugenics movement.

I would have liked to have been there when Pierre Trudeau and Rene Levesque were young men arguing with each other in bars though. By all accounts those were very interesting discussions. They didn't know it at the time, but they were defining the future of their country.
Ms.Dorothy Parker,at The Algonquin,for cocktails.
Tom McNall
George W. Bush. Just to see if he is really that dumb.

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