Now we know it's spring time

Reverend Blair
My friend just called. He drove through a puddle and knocked his muffler off. He's coming over so we can put it back on.

It has to spring!
Potholes and spring go together like bacon and eggs.
Ten Packs
I went into town for an appointment this afternoon - in SHORTS!

You would never know it in the mountains right now Ten .I've been up there the last three weekends in a row and its been cold and snowing on us every time
Ten Packs
Oh, I bet. I know the owner of The Thompson Hotel and Lac Le Juene resort - he lives up there. They get a month more winter on each end. Yuck.
Reverend Blair
The muffler is back on. It was lucky that I had the exhaust off a defunct MGB in the rafters of the garage...we needed a chunk of pipe.

While we were fixing it, the new neighbour's dog jumped the fence, ran through a knee-deep puddle in the ditch, then came to introduce herself. There is nothing like ice-cold muddy paws on your belly while you're laying under a car to re-affirm the fact that it is springtime.
Vanni Fucci
Quote: Originally Posted by Ten Packs

I went into town for an appointment this afternoon - in SHORTS!


That explains the blinding light from the northeast this afternoon.
So I can bring shorts when I come over at the weekend!
Your coming over on the weekend...?
Certainly am...haven't you seen the party time thread. We arrive in Vancouver on Saturday and will be on Vancouver Island, probably, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and maybe Sunday. We don't come back to the dull, dismal UK until the 23rd!! Hoorah!
Welcome to Canada.

Itís a big place to clean up, but we will try to have it looking respectable for your arrival.

Safe trip.
Oh...I feel like Royalty!!
Well I know spring has definately sprung, because on sunday I made a rodo angel, the first sign of spring for me, kind of like a groundhog. I took hammie to a secret rhododerdron garden I know. Oh boy what a maze, and they are some rare ones, They are very old, like an ancient forest. These are not shrubs, they are trees All in bloom. We approached the sign of "spring" rhododerndron, its the one where all the flowers have fallen to the ground. Its a huge circular bed, 3 inches deep of huge purple flowers. This is when you get lay down in a bed of rhodo blooms and make an angel. :P (who needs snow) You know laying under a rhododerndron tree gives a different prespective
Hard-Luck Henry
There's a old victorian park near me, P., that was once landscaped, but is now completely overgrown. In the middle of it is a huge mass of Rhodedendron bushes. I'm sure at one time they were a well manicured centrepiece to the park, but they're now wild: I spent hours climbing around in them as a kid, playing hide and seek etc. We used to make beds high up in the twisted branches. :P
Better bring your rain gear Emma theres a big front set to blow over southern BC this weekend !They say it will be warm though
Reverend Blair
Rain in BC? Really?

It's going up to 16 here today. 18 tomorrow.
hello?? what about all the hotties in tank tops and bikinis THATS when I know its summer

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