Gonzo Art and Pics

If anyone wants to see my art or pictures of my recent drive across Canada they're here. I put them in sub-folders.
photobucket.com/albums/y71/Canadiangonzo/ (external - login to view)
Reverend Blair
Cool art, Gonz. You should be famous.
Jo Canadian
Nice stuff man, Is your art done all by computer? or do you also get down and dirty with the other fun stuff?

I'm sticking to carving sandstone at the moment, there seems to be an abundance of it on PEI.
Thanks. Carving sandstone sounds like fun. I love that kind of stuff on buildings. What designs do you carve? I draw my pictures, clean them up, and colour them on adobe. Some shading I do with ink, or pencil. Adobe itself takes a long time to use, but I like the results.
Jo Canadian
Well what I usually create is free standing and usually is considered 3 dimentional so no matter whatever angle you place it in it's always interesting.

My subjects vary, it depends...on what's in the stone I guess. Sometimes wildlife comes out, others it can be a collage of images. My latest seems to have become a nautaloid type cephalopod of some sort that has just entangled (and is about to devour) a fish.

I blame the Inuit for their influence. They made me take carving classes in grade school, but now at least I have more than just a file at my disposal.
I love Inuit and native art. In Victoria there are alot of totem polls and art all over the city. Right beside the BC museum is a park full of native art.
Vanni Fucci
Hey...cool pics there Gonzo...
Where are the mountain pics from Gonzo ?Looks like a real cool place to go snowmobiling!
The cross Canada pics are in order from Victoria to Ontario. They're all along highway 1. Rogers pass is the one with the icicles, then its Banff, Medicine Hat, Moose Jaw, Winnipeg, northern Ontario. The last picture is of a sunset at Lake Superior.
Wow. Some real nice shots. Very well done. Coulkd I use one for my desktop background? please?
Sure. It's not my mountain.
Gonzo your art work is awesome, and I especially like the one of the church downtown. Did you ever go into the long house at the museum. Great sketches of Victoria. Your very talented, but than you are a innovator
Thanks. Such kind words from a pea in a pod Is the long house beside the museum and accross from the Empress, with all the totem polls? IF thats it then yes. It's realy cool! I want to take my next vacation back in Victoria. THis time I'd have some money to do more things, like whale watching and exploring the island more. It was too hard to try to find a job when I lived there.
Yes thats the one. The smell of the place is intoxicating, all that cedar :P To bad you never made it to the queen charlottes gonzo, thats where emily carr painted alot of her totem pictures. Its never what you know gonzo, its who you know when it comes to finding that job in "victoria" just like politcs :P
Hey Gonzo next time you go to the island go up to Port Hardy and theres a trail there that will take you to the most western point of Canada. The wind and ocean have slanted all the trees and washed the rock smooth its a really cool place it make for some great shots!
Is that cape scott you are talkin about mom???
gonzo - your pics are wonderful! thanks a lot for sharing them. is that 'castle' building craigdarroch castle? either that or else it is a building in quebec city. love all of them!
I'm not sure what its called it was ten years ago P but it was a remarkable place very violent with the wind and the ocean pounding away at the island .I have never seen anything like in my travels since.I'm going to take my kids there hopefully this summer
Well its a hike and you would remember it, I love that place Port Hardy, wild and beautiful
That must be it then cause it was hike thats for sure
I'll definatly go sometime. I would love to go to the most westernly part of Canada. The pacific rim was wonderful for me.
The castle is Craigdarroch. I had a fasination with it. Would love to own a house just like it. If I'm rich some day.
We would all like to own that castle gonzo Did you ever get to ross bay cemetary? Victoria does have alot of old beautiful buildings. We hope you come back and sketch more of it.
I did go to ross bay, and I took some pics there too. Victoria is alot like Ottawa, only smaller and with more seniors.
Ya it is, and alot of those seniors should have their licences revoked One drove right through the lottery place right next to starbucks...the rear end of the car was sticking out the door. She thought she put it into reverse...good thing no one was at the counter. :P

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