5,000 Posts!!!!!

I just noticed I am over 5,000 posts . Oh the memories are flooding back now :P There were so many good times around here. I miss alot of the people that use to be at the board..such is life. Hey ricky remember the time andem and I sneaked in one night and changed names around I was peapod von opbergan. hahahhahahahha and a few other name changes...oh ricky your reaction was sooooooooooo funny Oh the good times we had eh bud. Many times I have sat in a empty room laughing my head off. Good times eh?
Congrats. You live in Victoria, the land of no winter and amazing summers, and you managed to post over 5000 posts! You should gallop on the goose more. That was my favorite part of Victoria. The goose and all the scenery!
Anyway, job well done! I enjoy reading your posts.
Thanks gonzo, and I do the goose trail every morning :P right around swan lake. Well the truth is gonzo, my job is kinda boring most of the time, I am so good at it...I can post all day
Reverend Blair
5000 posts. You should get an award or something, Peapod.
Way to go Pea how long did it take you?
Vanni Fucci
Pea's first post:

Jun 26, 2004 12:47 am ::

If fate means you to lose, give him a good fight anyhow. ~William McFee

...seems she wasn't always the font of originality that we know her as today... :P
wt???? was that my signature vanni? I really don't remember it, I have had so many. But wait the Rev has way more post than me. :P
Vanni Fucci
Nope...you've got the Rev beat by a lot, Pea...

...and no, that wasn't your sig, that was your first post...

...no one will ever know what your original sig was, because whenever you change your sig, it changes in prior posts as well...

more's the pity...
Reverend Blair
Nope, I'm about 700 less than you, Pea.
Well I guess I better slow down than and let you pass. If haggis was still here she would be way ahead of me.
Hard-Luck Henry
Quote: Originally Posted by peapod

wt???? was that my signature vanni? I really don't remember it, I have had so many. But wait the Rev has way more post than me. :P

I liked the apple one, but I'd like to see the others, so I could make amore considered choice.
Rick van Opbergen
I should have never taken a break! You know, I (!) remember the times I used to be top poster here ... now I have degraded to place 03. Grrrr Yeah, we have had some great time Big P. (it almost sounds like you are leaving ... are you?!) ... the name changing was indeed weird Oh, and do you know the time with sj007 (where is he?) and all the James Bond - Miss Moneypenny stuff? All those stories by Cosmo, sparky, galianomama and other Starbucks-fans of yours about your crazy adventures ... like the man with the big shoes, your fights with Cosmo's dog and Halloween ... As I said before, I could write a book about you :P

Anyway, congratulations with your 5,000 posts ... but beware, for I will certainly beat you someday ... and then I will be the MASTER of CC again
ahhhhh Ricky you are already a fourm master. In fact you are no doubt the master of everything you do No, not leaving Ricky, maybe slow down a bit :P I was just remembering the good times, its kinda ugly here now ricky So you better come by more often :P and ehm....Do not write that book
Rick van Opbergen
Of course I will write the book Don't worry, you will get your share of the profit (I was thinking of 2% ) ... Don't slow down! Please. Just ignore the fools (or delete them :P You have the power ...)
I don't want the power ricky :P I am not big on power, it corrupts :P Well now I gotta go and try to keep one step ahead of sparky on the goose trail. I really would like to push her off into the blackberries, she is so competitive
Rick van Opbergen
You have my vote to push her in the blackberries
ricky you are so kewl.

peapod, you know what you are caffe latte tonight hun?

(as in attila the)

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