Crit's Complaint


Have you stopped to consider why you are being met with hostility? Could it be your general tone? Your habit of calling people communists? Your hobby of accusing people you don't know of being on welfare? Your allegations that people on the left can't manage money or run a business? Your insistence that everybody else is wrong all of the time? Maybe it's just the abrasive tone you've taken since you showed up here. Maybe it's your constant complaints that you are being picked on. Maybe it's the fact that you are, once again, dragging a thread off topic to complain that everybody is being mean to you.

Why do you have to turn everything into a pissing match? You're reading my posts but you're not comprehending. I have already explained to you that in every case, I was personally attacked first and I am just retaliating.

It is clear to me that it is acceptable practice to personally attack anyone who does not have left wing views. When those people respond, we get threatened with censorship. (ironic isn't it)

Don't take my word for it Rev. Read the threads and see for yourself. You have not warned a single left wing member on these matters but you have warned Mike, Jay and myself several times in the 2 days I've been here. The very least you can do as a moderator is be non-biased.

Mrmom2 I will respond in kind.


Crit I will say it again.Guys like you want to live in a ploice state .Why don't you move to the states their almost one.

Guys like you want to live in a communist state. Why don't YOU move to Russia. You better hurry too because communist regimes have a habit of falling these days as people start to realize that it doesn't work.


The type of system you want is just like nazi Germany are you a closet nazi?

So because I want my government to be accountable and to be taxed less, it makes me a closet Nazi?

You are a communist, there's no need to come out of the closet.
Some of your posts are beyond vulgar. I have cut and paste them into the moderator forum. I deleted parts of them, the most vuglar ones. The administator of this site has seen my post and the reason for the edit.
If you are going to come here and talk like a pig, than be prepared to have the vulgar remarks edited.
Reverend Blair
I've been through your old comments as you suggested, Crit. Here are, in no particular order, a few:


You only need to watch the CBC (Communist Broadcasting Corporation) to acknolwledge this.

Instead they're just a mouthpiece for the Fiberal Party.

Let's be clear on the issue and not just parrot whatever Martin says.

By the way, next week I'm going to start my own religion which allows me to marry 2 women a man and a goat. Don't you dare tell me that I can't either because you will be denying me my rights.

even the bleeding heart Liberals on the site.

Most Liberals have no religious beliefs. They believe that everyone should just do whatever feels good. Tired of working? Go on welfare. Want to work a little with full pay, get a unionized job.....

Throw in 2 white guys in the ocean of thousands of MEerners that are terrorists to make a point. Next you're going to tell me that the NBA is full of white guys because Matt Bonner plays for the Raptors.

hey want to be married in the house of God. I don't recall God condoning gay marriages in any religion. By the way, the same terrorists you defend in your other posts are the same people that will kill homosexuals for safe passage to heaven. You deserve each other.

I should have realized that by your fanatical and radical views on pretty much everything. Let's vote the NDP in so that we can all collect welfare.

They already have equal rights. What you want is to change the law so that another fringe group can pull up a chair to the tax trough. How typical.

This comment speaks volumes. Why don't we all just encompass the entire country into one big marriage. That way, we can all be free to screw everyone?

A majority of terrorits are muslims. This is a fact.

Are these the same people that are organized ny the illuminati and Freemasons?

You're starting to sound pretty silly.

I'm sure your pissed off because people like you and your ilk lost your free ticket to drinking beer while collecting welfare cheques.

The best you can come back with is an excuse. I expected so much more from you.

Try not to hurt yourself when you try coming up with the answer.
The only time your prints would ever come into question is if you get arrested. Like at the next G8 summit.

Don't tell me your anti-semetic too?

The only thing I'm hiding is the fear of one of you fanatical lunatics coming by my house and buring it down. All in the name of peace.

Reach into your little box of conspiracy theories and share it with rest of us.

Do your own research and stop passing the buck. This is not a union.

You watch to much Cagney and Lacey reruns where they force the criminals to dip their fingers in ink and spread them across paper.

I trust the government a heck of a lot more than the people I just met on a loony leftie forum.

You should know very well how these unions brainwash their minions. After all, you support them wholeheartedly.

For someone who accuses Bush of quashing freedom of speech, you certainly threaten a lot of people to keep in line or else.

Secondly, calling me a white man proves your a rascist.

They're not extreme at all but because their different from the radical left, they will still claim that he is a racist, bigot, anti-christ, the boogeyman etc.

The Liberals ran on fear tactics in their last campaign. God knows they would have lost in a land slide if they ran on their record. This time they won't have that luxury.....or will they.

Baaaa!! Baaaaa!!

Do you even think before you post? It was Martin that sent his PM's to chase Harpers bus like the dogs that they are to spread rumours that he killed children and drank their blood at the stroke of midnight.

This is where you're wrong little boy.

The Liberals bend us over the barrel every time and give it to us up the a$$ yet sheep like you line up to vote them back in because you're afraid of the boogeyman.


You're all the same. You're all cut from the same tired ol fabric.

Excuse me for not sharing in your ignorance of the Canadian healthcare system.

"Piss off a Liberal, work hard and become successful."

Are all your posts this intelligent or are you just having a good day?

I was sure there was an age restriction on this forum when I signed up. Oh well.

We can't go back in time to the time of communism in the USSR and just take down companies that did "too" good of a job and shut them down.

I'm talking about the sway of competition. Something that left wing zealots know nothing about.

Well thought out rebuttal. Did you use both your brain cells for that one?

He must have been a bleeding heart leftie such as yourself. I'm thankful.

I think your getting dellusional in your old age.

I think it may be nappy time for you. Your just upset because you haven't had your juice.

Why bother Mike. Saddam killed more of his people in a week, than the US could ever kill yet most people on this site would love to see him resume his seat as president in Iraq.

Near sightedness is rampant on this site.

Where the f*ck were all the protesters???? All you lefties had 30 years to protest yet not ONE single protest. As soon as the US goes in, the streets are packed with tree hugging students and other radical lefties that couldn't point out eye-rack on a map. I guess the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and over a million Iranians lives meant nothing.

You really are clueless.

Judging from this and your other posts, it's fair to assume that math is not your strong suit. Lucky for you, cashing in your welfare cheque and buying a few cases of beer to last you the weekend doesn't require a lot of addition and subtraction.

And yet another well though out rebuttal by a leftie communist.

You're nothing but a bigot. God forbid someone doesn't tow the leftie line. I see there are many young mini-Martins following in his footsteps.

Your propaganda tactics may work on the children on this site that hate all things US, but it won't work on people with with educations higher than the 6th grade.

If the invading army was going to topple our existing Liberal government, I would fight alongside them.

Do yourself a favour and NEVER open a business.

You just lap up all the cool words that you read on the internet and pretend that you know what you're talking about.

I'm curious though, when you get upset at the so called neoconservative rednecks, do you get all beet red like a tomatoe or do you just foam at the mouth like a rabid dog?

The trend I noticed was this....Somebody would make a comment about the Conservative Party or Stephen Harper that you didn't like and you would take it personally. Things would escalate from there. In other cases you would initimate that anybody to the left of Stephen Harper was a communist. People would respond in kind. Some of your posts are just plain old inflammatory rhetoric. Others are supporting people who were spewing inflammatory rhetoric.

You and others here also have a very real habit of dragging threads off-topic to complain about other posters, the moderators (always a bad move) or just to make asinine comments. I have never received a report from you on any post though.

So here's a question for you. You are a guest here...a relative newcomer at a party full of people who have known each other for a very long time. If you were at a party and discovered that most of the people there did not share your political views would you keep pushing things and making them escalate, or would you continue the conversation in measured tones and accept that the criticisms of Stephen Harper and his party were going to be harsh?
Well here is one of his very first post to Vanni,and he wonders why??

Are all your posts this intelligent or are you just having a good day?

I was sure there was an age restriction on this forum when I signed up. Oh well.
That was when he was polite...

Oh by the way...funny how you mention Jay more than once...
"Oh by the way...funny how you mention Jay more than once..."

Its Ok if ppl mention my name around here Pea.
Well no its not alright Jay, I don't like you, so why would anyone mention you to me :P
Vanni Fucci
Quote: Originally Posted by peapod

Well here is one of his very first post to Vanni,and he wonders why??.

We all must make choices, Pea, critter has chosen to be an intolerant A-hole...whereas, I've chosen to ignore his stupidity...

Actually, in the interest of tolerance, I should refrain from calling crit13 stupid, as it does an injustice to truly stupid people...
You're alright with me Jay! I don"t judge people by their politics.
Neither do I mom.
I know you don't Pea your a good advisor dude
Quote: Originally Posted by peapod

Well no its not alright Jay, I don't like you, so why would anyone mention you to me :P

Your a big'll get over it.
Quote: Originally Posted by mrmom2

You're alright with me Jay! I don"t judge people by their politics.

Thanks Mrmom.

I like the ppl around here. I don't necessarily care for the way some ppl get treated, and it sort of sets me off sometimes, but I get over it.

Have a good day all.
Rick van Opbergen
Good day to you too Jay
I'm relatively new to this forum as well. While I don't have the time to follow every post on this board, what I have read of Crit's posts seem to be on the whole considered and based on reason. I don't feel he is trying to be inflammatory. Anytime people with strongly held opinions debate, it is inevitable that it will get a little intense. I don't mind a little rhetoric like using terms like "neo-con" or "communist", it is when it degenerates into personal name calling that I think it goes too far. Crit is no more guilty of this than many others on this board. Just look back at some of the posts from others. Any censorship should apply equally to both sides of the political spectrum, or not at all. I would hope that people from all sides of the spectrum should be welcome here. Where's the fun in debating with people who share your ideas and opinions?
Well Rev, I would like to thank you for proving my point.

Out of the list of things that you bring up that I posted, a majority of them are opinions that you don't agree on. Whereas "every" single quote that I brought up was a "personal" attack against me.


You only need to watch the CBC (Communist Broadcasting Corporation) to acknolwledge this.

Let's be clear on the issue and not just parrot whatever Martin says.

By the way, next week I'm going to start my own religion which allows me to marry 2 women a man and a goat. Don't you dare tell me that I can't either because you will be denying me my rights.

even the bleeding heart Liberals on the site.

Neither of these are personal attacks and they were near the top of your list. If you took a minute to actually read the threads from the beginning you will notice that the insults started after I was insulted first.

Vanni has called me an ******* half a dozen times and you have yet to even EDIT his comments much less call him out on it.

Even on this thread.
bah!!! what a baby!!! you better take another look soon as you came in here today the first thing you did was make a stupid remark about tree huggers.
Reverend Blair
Like I said, came here and started out by being quite abrasive. People who aren't communists don't like being called communists. People don't like being told that they are stupid. It was in almost every one of your posts. They respond.

Others seem able to remain polite...I had quite a conversation with Dukee. MMMike gets a little nasty sometimes, but it isn't in every post, even Jay doesn't run into as many problems as you have since you got here.
If you're going to attack me persoanly, then I will return the favour even though I will get pointed out and the rest of the zombies on this site will high five you.

I made the comment about the tree hugger "after" I was called an *******. If you put "tree hugger" in the same insult category as "*******" then you have more mental problems than I thought.

Maybe you're not smart enough to read ALL the posts so you just read the ones with the "cool" swear words.

Don't you understand that if you push you will get pushed back. It's actually pretty simple.

Having said that, it's only a matter of time before one of the Goderators bans me for having a different opinion from you. Then you can joke around how you have saved freedom of speech and saved the world once again.

I bet you will run around the house in tights and a cape. You can call yourself the Commie Crusader and run over to Wal-Mart and tell all it's customers that they are feeding the devil.

You can have a sit in just outside the doors of the Wal-Mart and harrass the people that are trying to shop for their families. Eventually the police will come and ask you to leave but you will resist, they will handcuff you and you will be all over the news.

Sandi Renaldo will interview you and you will whine about police brutality and the lack of freedom of speech. She will continue to ask you why you were dressed like a superhero.

At the end of the day, the country will pass you off as a lunatic and will go back to their lives of going to work and trying to earn a living.

You however, will be in your parents basement, plotting yet another brilliant scheme against big business.

Who will feel your wrath next..... McDonalds? Microsoft? the Canadian Auto Workers Union?

Bah! more riddle and twist, and it not even funny, the least you could do is through in some good humor with your insults. Your remark about the tree huggers and gas was directed at me and henry and galaniomama. And none of us called you an *******. We can talk about trees all we want, we gotta read your whining about the emergency rooms, your whine about money...fair is fair and trees are a whole lot nicer. And they smell good to
Reverend Blair
I've explained mty position to you Crit. Perhaps you should settle down now.

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