Slow hand Turns 60!!!

Eric Clapton - one of my idols, is 60 today!!!!

When and how did you get to be 'involved' with this great guy, what music is your fave?
eh???? I thought I was your idol So the turth comes out now. Go ahead back peddle if you want. We both love slow hand
Reverend Blair
I guess I'll have to break out that John Mayall album. It's allegedly the first time Clapton had his singing recorded. I wonder if I remember how to use the turntable?
wow. that would be a listen. is he any good? ha!
John Mayall, wow I have not heard that name in a long time. I love lay down sally by clapton.
yeah, that is a good song. hadn't thought about it for a long time. my all time is layla. guitar playing is just amazing.

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