The Pet Thread

Reverend Blair
So I just looked out the kitchen window and the neighbour's cat and my cat are sitting on top of the camper. They don't seem to like each other much, but they are way up there, studiously ignoring one another.
ohhhhhhh! The pet thread!

I have 2 goldfish. They don't do much. Except for the other day, they were enjoying the soothing feeling of a bubbler bath. THey have a bubbler curtain thingy that they will swim through slowly back and forth. It's very odd. Goldfish enjoying a bubble massage.
I was on the island over the weekend (well Saturday anyway) and went to visit a friend.

She has adopted my double rex rat, Nohara. So we were visiting Nohara too.

She has a lovely little (well big) boy named Kiwi. He was such a love. This is me and he sharing secrets: (please disregard the bedraggled human (me) it was a long very ride!)

This is the very special Nohara (isn't she cute!?):
My dog loves to watch the squirrels, and being a pointer she naturally points at them. I feed the squirrels at the glass back door of the house and the dog watches them scurry the peanuts away into various spots through out the back yard. She literally trembles the whole time. Her collar becomes tight around her neck and the uncontrollable shivering gets worse and worse. She never barks at them, and they will approach the door within 2 feet of the dog. When they disappear around the corner of the house, she will run to the front window, and if they don't appear there she scouts all the windows she can see through till she finds it or another one. I was doing dishes one day and all I could see of her has her back end, shivering away as if the devil stood in front of her, but as suspected it was only a squirrel.
Cute rats Twila.
Thanks Jay!
J'ai un dog. Samson, he's getting old. **tears** He's a black lab but his beard, paws, and legs are a bit gray. He's healthy for a dog his age, though definitly getting more stubborn, and he's learnt all my tricks that nasty little bugger. That's why you can't teach old dogs new tricks, they're too busy learning the ones you use on them. But I love him none the less.
I have a cat that never stops meowing. He's very chatty. He loves people and talks to them all the time, but hates other cats. I drove with him across the country when I moved and he did very well.
Twila!!! you were over on this island and did not tell us about it. galaniomama and myself wanna meet you next time you are over here...Starbucks

Well I have no critters, just pictures on my walls of them. I work all day, yes I do!!!! and I am always going here and its not really fair. But someday I will get another yellow dog, one that likes the water.
ahh pea, that was so cute, i didn't know you wanted a dog. well, we could do something about it with all the rescue centres around. one of these days..... you could get a pet rabbit or - a pet pigmy goat. they would be perfect in the garden. how about a couple of geese to keep the slugs off of stuff in the garden. then, at the end of the season, you have a nice fat goose to roast. yum. i like that idea already. i am slathering.

the idea of the goat has been very appealing as of late. i have been wanting to place one in my backyard, but feel the catz and dogz wouldn't find it too amusing. tough. i could (or you and i could) make it a nice tufa 'rock' that it could stand on and look around with totally disdain at those lowly dogz and catz. it would follow me around my small city lot, and maybe even sleep in the studio.

this is starting to appeal a great deal to me, so i will have to call that woman who advertised her free pigmy......

or i could hook it up to a cart and go get my groceries. ha! that's it! we could 'walk the neighbourhood'. ha ha!! yes, perfect, my contribution to kyoto!!!! i love it!!!!!
I had a goat when I was younger. Not a pigmy though. She was 3/4 Alpine. Very very Beautiful.

Great source of ORGANIC milk. She followed me around. No leash. Lots of fun.
well I think I mentioned that we did have a goat for awhile growing up, odie. You are right, they are so much fun. My father would get so upset when odie would jump on the hood of his car. :P Also odie followed our dog striker everywhere, what ever striker was doing, odie wanted to do it to. My neice volunteers at a rescue shelter in parksville, I always stop in there and see her and the critters. They have alot of bald eagles there.
I get a critter fix over at galaniomamas house. And there is plenty of critters in the neighbourhood. But ehm...find me a homeless golden retriever and I will take it
Its to bad I didn't know that sooner pea .A buddy of mine just gave his golden retriever away a couple of weeks ago.She was a real beauty .I have an Australian kelpie she has been the best dog I have ever had but she is now getting old and cranky .I also have 2 cats my oldest one never shuts up hes very chatty aand the other ones sill just a baby

Twila!!! you were over on this island and did not tell us about it. Twisted Evil galaniomama and myself wanna meet you next time you are over here...Starbucks

Sorry I was only there for Saturday dinner with the family. I had an hour to spare to run into downtown to visit Nohara (Scarlet Nohara. My former rat).

Most definatley next island that by the london drugs on the corner plaza. Right side heading out of down?

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