Its Been 10 Years

Its been 10 years since my friends went missing. I remember it like it was yesturday. I have created this video just to see wha might come of it, I still have a sliver of hope that I hold onto. (external - login to view)

( sorry if this is not the proper forum for this)

Good luck to you.
Wow, I'm sorry to hear man. Best of wishes.
Thank you for your kind words, and also for "sticking" this post. I guess my goal is for as many people to see this as possible, and keep holding onto the little bit of hope I have.
I remember that from the news from ten years ago. A very sad sad situation. That was a very nice video you did. I wish you well.
Cool video, I'm sorry for you... Best wishes..
Apologies from me, too. I vaguely remember the story. I know a lot of people from the Toronto area, but have heard nothing since. It's nice to know a friend like you still holds on the hope that someday they will turn up.

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