Prostate Cancer Research and Advocacy Lag

Prostate Cancer Research and Advocacy Lag (external - login to view)

"We're starting to beat the drums, to get a voice for this important cause,"
Thank God for this.

The sexism that exists in Toronto is gut-wrenching. I think we have "walks" for every kind of cancer except the ones that affect men.

What a country.

Vanni Fucci
I can see how you would be worried about your prostate, what with it putting pressure on your cerebellum and all...
Isn't the prostate the man's.... um.... g-spot?

Most medical research is done on men. It took years before anyone bothered to realize that men and women have different symptoms of heart attack.

Besides, death from "male" cancers is on the decline, while death from "female" cancers is on the rise.

Oh... one more thing. Now that I'm over 40 I have to get a mammogram. Interesting thing that. Obviously designed by a man. Tell you what, Biggie... you come with me, and right after I get my breasts checked we'll check you for testicular cancer. Maybe we could add an extra little piece and check your ol' prostate at the same time.

How's Wednesday for you?
I'm not old enough yet mom.

When I reach my mid-life crisis, in which you are now in the depths, I'll drop you a line.

Anyway, thanks for the offer sweet stuff.

I'm not a mom, I'm a Mum.
What the heck is going on ????

Sorry, I have no clue what you people are talking !!!
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