Funny things to say at the end

Okay, it is the end of times, George Bush, or an otherwise apocalyptic end to the world. You have just a few moments to say something funny before the world goes down in flames. Give the world one last hilarious zinger before you and it go down in flames.

here's mine...

Alright, who farted :P
Reverend Blair
Well, it's about bloody time we gave this place back to the cockroaches.
Vanni Fucci
You know, Mr. President, I've always found you attractive...
Ten Packs
"Like I said - I'm a UNITER, not a divider!"
Peanuts, Popcorn,get em while there hot
Hard-Luck Henry
Don't panic.
Would you mind if I killed everyone before the diaster?
Rick van Opbergen
That doesn't look good, does it?

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