Karla's time will be up soon. 12 years what a joke. She aided in the death of her sister Tammy, Miss French and Miss Mahfey. A Queen's education to boot. Who's going to keep an eye on her? Our government or do I have to hire Chuck Norris?
Bernardo was only a two-bit rapist until he hooked up with Karla. But,with her support and encouragement,he became a sexual murderer.She was,at the least,as guilty as hewas but she made a deal to turn evidence against him at trial & got a sweet deal. There's the value of her higher education! She'll be watched so closely,I doubt she'll ever have the chance to do much of anything!
Did anyone ever see that program on the fifth estate about her. They used actual police interviews with her. Watching her in action, I kinda thought she was probally the killer.
We can only hope that as she departs the prison and takes her first breath of sweet free air that she gets mowed down by a Greyhound, the one with wheels I mean.
Well, here's something I'm ashamed of coming from my country......
__________________________________________________ _
Entertainment - Canadian Press

Lawyer demands advance viewing of Hollywood's Bernardo-Homolka movie

Wed Mar 23,10:05 PM ET Entertainment - Canadian Press


TORONTO (CP) - A lawyer representing the families of two slain Ontario schoolgirls has demanded an advance screening of a new Hollywood movie about Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka to determine whether he will try to block its release.

"We have very serious concerns about the film because transcripts (the producers) have... include what went on inside the house (and) what was on the videotapes and it's very disturbing information," said Tim Danson.

The film, entitled Deadly and slated for release this fall, chronicles the ill-fated courtship and subsequent criminal life of Canada's most notorious couple - a union that ultimately led to the murders of Kristen French and Leslie Mahaffy.

"We're aware they've hired two actresses to play the roles of French and Mahaffy and that they intend to simulate what occurred inside the Bernardo-Homolka home," said Danson. "On that basis, we have requested an advance viewing of the tape."

French's sister said she regrets that a film is turning the tragedy into entertainment, but she won't try to block the film's distribution in Canada.

Pamela Radunsky of Capreol, Ont., north of Sudbury, said she doesn't plan to see the film but she believes in freedom of expression and "banning it (the film) is a wrong thing."

Radunsky said it's up to each person to make their own "conscious decision" about whether to view a film such as this one.

"In a way, it speaks to our own individual integrity to choose what's important," she told the Sudbury Star.

"All I can say is that I won't be seeing it. I have no wish to view this as entertainment."

Danson said he is "very, very concerned" the film's depiction of those gruesome events could be construed as child pornography.

The film's producer, Michael Sellers, told Danson that it wasn't his intent to simulate the rape and torture of Bernardo's victims. Danson characterized the 45-minute phone conversation Wednesday as "constructive" but he still awaits word on whether he can view the film.

"That is the bottom line. He can say whatever he wants but I've got to see it."

Viewing the film is the only way the Mahaffy and French families can be properly advised, said Danson.

"If they're not prepared to satisfy us that they're not, for example, simulating rapes of children, then I will be in contact with the appropriate people in the United States to see what kind of legal recourse we can do."

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty called for a boycott of sorts against the movie on Wednesday.

"I certainly will not be viewing that movie, and my advice and encouragement to Ontarians is that they would do the same," said McGuinty. "It's an unfortunate development for people to choose to capitalize on a terrible and horrific tragedy."

The province has no legal power to prevent the film being shown in Ontario, conceded McGuinty.

But if the film makes its way into the province, the Ontario Film Review Board can forward it to police if it feels the Criminal Code has been breached.

The film's website suggests the story is somewhat sympathetic to Homolka, portrayed by Laura Prepon - who plays Donna on That 70s Show.

"In the end, the viewer is left to ponder their sympathy for Karla, to ask how much she too is a victim of Paul," reads the plot synopsis. It further describes Homolka, who will be released from prison this July, as "conflicted by her conscience but still unable to escape" Bernardo's grasp.

In a letter posted on the film's website, Sellers said he's keenly aware of the concerns the movie raises.

"I... made a commitment to myself to do nothing to dishonour the memory of the victims," reads the statement. "All of the people involved in creating the film have gone through similar soul-searching."

The producers based the film on court transcripts, information that was subject to a media ban in Canada.

"I guess someone took the view that they were part of the public record and were entitled to it - I've read those transcripts and it's very, very disturbing stuff," said Danson.

Several items of hard evidence from the trials, such as videotapes and photographs, were later destroyed, but trial transcripts were preserved.

"We didn't destroy the transcripts because we have to be mindful of the fact that Paul Bernardo - even though it's theoretical - will be entitled to parole reviews in the future," said Danson.

The French and Mahaffy families are concerned the film could violate their daughters' memories.

"When we destroyed the videotapes and other sensitive material - (the families) really did believe they had purged this evil - that their daughters were now free from further violation," said Danson.

"The thought of a Hollywood production simulating what had happened to their daughters is something that's excruciating and incomprehensible to them."

Even if the film was picked up by a major distributor or distributed independently by Sellers' Quantum Entertainment, it would be unlikely to make it to a theatre before September or October.

Quantum has no distribution arm in Canada.
This kind of thing will never stop, its not the people making these films, its the people watching them. As long as there is a appetite for this kind of thing, its going to exist.
Tom McNall
Without an audience it is just celuloid and light.
Is that a quote from a book tom :P What happened to our name that book thread that was alot of fun.
Tom McNall
Quote: Originally Posted by peapod

Is that a quote from a book tom :P What happened to our name that book thread that was alot of fun.

I had to teach some seminars over in the US and stayed for vacation for 2 weeks. I never had internet for most of the time. I am teaching another one in Cleveland tomorrow and doing an inspection in Atlantic City Friday.

I am always up for another game.

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