Good Friday? Actually,it's a great one.The sun is shining and it's cool here. I want to wish all the Religious folk a nice day
Reverend Blair
It took me ten minutes to figure out why Shelaugh Rogers was hosting The House. It's Friday, not Saturday.

Mrs. Rev is home though and she's never home on wonder I got confused.
Perfectly get used to a certain routine and then-the unexpected occurs!
Yes I hope everyone has a good day too .
Another wonderful day in paradise here today its 10:30 am and its 20 degrees on my deck !
Well it's dark here now but it has been a lovely day. Wemt for a bike ride this morning along the beach with hubby and was gorgeous!! Then went to visit friend who's 30th birthday is today. Then had to go to work for 4pm (Boo!!) but got less than 3 hours left now and then 3 days off...hoorah. Happy Easter everyone.
Sunshine :P You bet, its so nice here today, I decided not to work after all, but I still get paid, bonus :P I will work in my garden. Just like summer here. So far easter has been great. This morning hammie and a little gang came by and we started the day with java and the hustle. Ya the disco hustle, lots of fun We got a record with all the instructions. Its the american hustle, but we don't care. Tap together, tap 1 2 3.....Bring it down, let me hear some grinos!!!!!
Than we downed three bottes of ame'.... a refreshing fruit drink with eatern herbal extracts...yummy yummy stuff. Contains schisandra, jasmine, gentian, and limeflower. Of course than we had to move on to the bee gees :P I still cannot figure out how sparky can leap in the air and do the bicycle thing....other than that just another day in the neighbourhood Happy easter to all.
Rick van Opbergen
Did you all got the day off?
Well yes we did ricky, although I could have worked if I wanted to, and banked an extra day...but, ahh I got lots of bank days :P Also I have visitors from home town...and ehm...I really don't trust them alone in my place....
Rick van Opbergen
Let me guess: Angus was present? wow that you got the day off ... me too by the way, but many people still had to work to do. Like both my parents. And my sister. I smiled at them while they left and I could crawl back into bed :P

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