How to create an excellent relationship?

The foremost reason for a conflict is the shifting of the blame to the other. Own the responsibility, if the fault is yours. This very attitude it self will create an amiable atmosphere. When we approach a problem with this frame of mind, we find it easier to come up with a solution. We always try to prove how wrong the other is. If you think the other person is wrong, look at the problem from the other personís perspective. Then you may conclude differently. Another key element that causes a strained relationship is argument between two. In an argument, both sides try to prove how wrong the other is. This finally results in seriously straining relationships. This scenario can be avoided by mutual discussions. Always, discussions are healthier than arguments. When decisions are taken, we have to ensure that more emphasis is given to love than on logic
You're wrong.

I don't know what you are talking about. However, I am sure it makes no sense. It is simply non-sensical. Plus, arguing your point to prove the other person is wrong often leads to an epiphany.

What kind of society do we live in where everybody is right all the time? Please don't tell anyone they are wrong because it will hurt their feelings! Well, too bad chief.

Many people are wrong a lot of the time. In fact, everything you said was wrong.

Deal with it.

ummm...whats going on :P
Vanni Fucci
I think you've proven the good doctor's point admirably, Biggie...

...and I concur, Pea...what the hell is going on
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahah ahahahahahahahahah :lol
Look my avatar is laughing too!
Hello Biggie!Thank you for the post.You are fully right in what you have said in your post. If you were not right , you would not have posted it.I have no right to say you are wrong .You have every right to have your views.You will agree, I am sure, if I say that I have my right to have my views.Am I not right? What should be done , if my views are different from your's?
Hello doctor. You have proven your point as clear as daylight. Thank you
Hey Vanni Istill don't know whats going on here?
Vanni Fucci
Me neither just enjoy the spectacle, and get what you can from it...
stay calm and when necessary take one for the "team" so to speak. No sense ruining a relationship or making it harder, over what usually turns out to be a "silly" or "insignificant" arguement.

Me, I am calm cool and collective. **** happens, so to speak and no use getting all revved up over something, as you can't go back in time to change it, so let it slide, laugh about it kiss and make up and get on with life.

Same with kids, kids break stuff, spill stuff etc.. it happens, so no need to get upset over it. You cant fix it, and it will happen again, no biggie. If you have stuff you don't want broken, keep out of reach.

People take daily living far too serious. Relax and be happy and you will enjoy life a lot more.
Theres some advice I could use thanks no1
i'm with no1 on this 1!!! but you know what is interesting?? usually the person who is laid back is not married/living with another laid back. it's usually an uptight with a laid back. how 'bout you no 1??
Well my wife is now. We decides long ago to live our life and raise our kids diferent than we were raised. And she puts up with me and some of my so called "far out theories" so I guess you could say she is more laid back than me.
Reverend Blair
It's important to find a good wife, No1. That's why I snagged Mrs. Rev...she is the epitome of tolerance. I'm living proof of that, or maybe the fact that I'm still living is proof of that. Something like that anyway.
In my experience, the woman is almost always wrong.

From what I have read in scientific studies, the emotion of women is always clouding the logic side of their brains. Hence, the lack of any prominent female scientists or mathematicians.

Therefore, my usual starting point is the woman is wrong. Rarely is she right. But perhaps you should consider that position for a couple of seconds at least.

Vanni Fucci
Quote: Originally Posted by Biggie

Therefore, my usual starting point is the woman is wrong. Rarely is she right. But perhaps you should consider that position for a couple of seconds at least.


I won't even give you that long, misogynistic freak...

Get him Pea!!!
I'm emotional. I have no problem admitting that. But I can also be coldly logical, too.

Given a choice I prefer emotions.
What for...its probally girandi :P Come on look what he wrote, its so dumb ***, its just written to start something up, and he is not very good at it either. It so bad and lame...well...I...just don't know what to say except maybe
Ten Packs
I'm going on FIFTY-FOUR YEARS OLD! You young bucks'n'does best figger it out for yourself - ya buggers never listen to anything we folks got ta say anyhoo!

(I tell ya - enough to give you a case of "wind"....)

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