I need help!!!

Look, my older sister (24 years old) will go to Canada to study in there for 2 months and she don't have a place to live. She'll go to Toronto to the Mc Kinsey International College. I was wondering if you could give me ay adress to search for a place where she can live. She need an advice of someone renting a room in toronto's downtown next to bloor st. and yonge st. Can you help us please?? She's leaving NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!! So please I need you to answer me with a post. Thanks a bunch anyway!!!

Reverend Blair
Doesn't the college provide housing advice, and possibly for out of town students?
Vanni Fucci
I'd take you in, but it would be a hell of a commute...
My recommendation for your sister is to stay either at (1) Tartu - located at Bloor and Spadina; or (2) the Residence - located at Gerrard St.West and around University Avenue.

Please follow this link.

www.fields.utoronto.ca/resour...ft_summer.html (external - login to view)

Although, it does concern summer housing, Tartu and the Residence often have spare spaces. I expect that your sister should be able to find a spot. Check it out.

Plus, I often enjoy showing the town to energetic foriegn women. Private message me your details and we'll go out some time.

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