Kids Say The Darndest Things

Ten Packs
My two sons are in or pushing their Thirties now, but when my first son was between two and three (iirc), we decided we should let him learn to talk on the phone - this became a big hit with my folks.

One day, my Mom called to chat... and after a few minutes, she asked if she could talk to Jason. Okay, fine.

As I walked down the hall from the phone, I heard the following conversation:

"Hi Gamma" (his way of saying it back then)

"Oh, pretty good."

"Not much - just fookin around."

I did an immediate STATUE-FREEZE - "My God, he is talking to GRAMMA!"

A few days later, Mom suggested I watch my language around him; I very meekly replied; "yes, I think you're right...."
my nephew taught my sister (his mother) the lesson of "watch what you say in front of your kids" too.

We had a family get together with nephew. His mother. my other sister and her mother in law and granmother in law.

My nephew asks me who the older people were. I tell him. then he promptly says too loudly "oh those are the people my mom doesn't like" You know the room was quiet before and definately after that!

I also learned that lesson. Although I learned it from the above and not from personal experience.

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