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The giraffe's main chute didn't open, so he took the elevator.
why is it that when I ask for somebody to fax me paperwork they always say "but I did already"? Why on earth would I ask them to fax me paperwork I had?
Cats that meow alot bug me, it's like someone who just NEVER stops talking.
Is it bad to keep your friends in the freezer?
Girl, you should meet my Turkish Angora. He does nothing but talk. He has all sorts of different sounds that he uses for different things.

He holds conversations with me. Although I can't understand most of what he's saying.

He understands the words "shut up" but only if said by the person who he is talking too. If said by somebody else he just lowers his voice!

He would effectively drive you up the wall, and down the other side! I was told the only thing worse then Turkish Angora's are Turkish Men. Can't say if that's true or not though.
tis true twila...just watch midnight express those hashish farmers are not very nice

Well ehm...I could not live without a java house...its the neighbourhood :P
ehm...that was suppose to go in the prize possession thread..sorry

Swang poodle! That dirt's got Earl by the toes and it ain't lettin' go! Go get some asparagus.... we's gonna need it.
Twila- Turkish men can be annoying but also very flattering. They are very outgoing that is for sure!! When I was last in Turkey I was out on my own shopping (husband laid up on the toilet...if you know what I mean) and guys would just walk up to me in the street and start chatting (often in Turkish) and then they would be all surprised that I wasn't Turkish!!! A good way to lead on to if I fancied lunch/dinner/drinks/etc.
Of course that's OK if they are good looking but when you get mingers coming up chatting to you it's as bad as having a cat sitting meowing in your face!!!
I can safely say though that Turkish men are good hairdressers!!
Ten Packs
If a sheep is a ram, and a donkey's an *** - how come a ram up the *** is a goose???
hmm, Thanks Emma!
I often have random thoughts just before I fall asleep.

One morning I kept hitting the snooze button on my alarm clock.

This alarm clock plays music. I guess they were playing some commercial where the announcer was speaking with a scottish accent.

In my poor befuddled head I mistook this guy talking for my cat who was meowing also.

For about 3 seconds I thought my cat had a scottish accent.

Which didn't surprise me at all at the time. Now I wonder what the hell is wrong with my brain. Why doesn't it function properly?
Reverend Blair
I don't know what is man, but it sure is loud.
Why do some think that a counter-arguement on the subject of current world affairs is valid when they use opinion and not fact?

Why is it not common sense that "because I said" is as empty as bowl with a hole in the bottom. Just calling Bull is not good enough.

It's not like calling shot gun for the front seat.
Reverend Blair
When I call shotgun for the front seat I like to have a shotgun with me. That way any arguments are short.
Said in a Metafilter thread on the finding that 37% of Americans think evolution is "just a theory" unsupported by the evidence:

>So many find it consistent with their knowledge and experience of the universe, and think it deserves serious consideration.

So, many people also buy ***** enlargement pills. So what?
Rick van Opbergen
What's up with the climate that I've just experienced snow, rain, hail and sun in just ten minutes?

What's up with the climate that I've just experienced snow, rain, hail and sun in just ten minutes?

Did you go to BC without telling Pea? Cause that's a BC thing. We have a saying "if you don't like the weather. Wait 20 minutes. It'll change"
Rick van Opbergen
Quote: Originally Posted by Twila

Quote: Originally Posted by Rick van Opbergen

What's up with the climate that I've just experienced snow, rain, hail and sun in just ten minutes?

Did you go to BC without telling Pea? Cause that's a BC thing. We have a saying "if you don't like the weather. Wait 20 minutes. It'll change"

No, I'm not in BC (although I would like to be there now - the nature, the space *sigh*) ... normally we don't have those things back here ... well only with the rain and the sun ... but no snow, neh ... It was very weird. Suddenly it started to snow really hard for like ... a couple of minutes ... while it was snowing, the rain was already coming through, well, it was a mixture of rain and hail ... and suddenly: the sun, birds singing ...

Sun is shining, the weather is sweet, yeah

Do you like the sun, Twila?

Sun is shining, the weather is sweet, yeah

Makes you wanna move. Your dancing feet.

I love Bob Marley.

I love the sun. I love hot weather. I don't mind cold weather as long as I'm bundled up. But that usually means I can't move around freely.

What's the weather typically like this time of year where you are. And where are you?

Me and my fiance are going to Amsterdam in August. We're going to take a train to Paris for a couple of nights. I hope the weather is good there. Can't wait to get to the museums! Whoot
Rick van Opbergen
Where I am? The Netherlands ... hehehe ... OK sorry ... I live in Eindhoven, it's a city in the south of the country (The Blue Circle (external - login to view) - whoops it seems kinda obvious with the name in large letters ...), and definitely does not look like Amsterdam, so if Amsterdam disappoints you, just keep in mind Amsterdam is unique And what the weather is like here? Ehm well basically, in March, we have a lot of rain ... like in February ... and April ... in Oktober ... and November ... rain, rain, rain ... It's not very warm here either in this time of the year ... some 5 C, that's 41 F. It can get pretty hot in August though, somewhere near 25-30 C (77-86 F), that is what we call hot yes But don't be surprised if it rains, even in the middle of the summer. An American friend visited Amsterdam last year in - what was it? - July/August, and it was raining a big part of the time she was there!
Rain and sunshine are a way of life on the coast. Right now the sun is shining here, its a beautiful day. Today is the day the gardening really begins. The word is out...Peapod will dig up her dahilias, so I expect lots of visits from gardeners :P And ehm...I get to wear my new gum boots and least we forget...my ball cap its red, and it says Canada on it.
Rick. You sure your not in BC? Cause you've described Vancouver to a T. Rain in summer. rain rain and more rain the rest of the year. course if you'd said it was windy them you'd have described Victoria to a T. The only place in BC where you can't read a newspaper outside. I'd never noticed the wind in Victoria til I'd moved away though.

Vancouver is not like the rest of BC either. I'm mostly a country type girl. Grew up in the country. Prefer seeing cows and horses on the side of the road rather then the "latest fashion" slaves walking down the street.

Surry is both city and counry. You can walk down King George and see all the signs of a city (Soon to have large skyscrapers everywhere too) but turn down a road and your seeing Scottish longhorns. and tractors.

I'm just soooooo looking forward to the museums. I love museums.
Wow that sounds like a great trip twila, and congradulations, when is your big day? It is very nice country side around surrey, farm country. Hell just about every place in this province is nice :P We are so lucky
Thanks Pea. Big day is end of August. Can you tell I'm excited?
Rick van Opbergen
*sigh* Wish I were living in BC!
Watch out for those surrey girls twila they will get ya
I bet ricky would like those surrey girls just fine. :P
I'd heard nothing about "surrey girls' until I moved here. then suddenly............

It was really strange. Ive since heard lots of jokes about Surrey.

Such as "what does a surrey girl do when she gets up in the morning?"

"She goes home"
Rick van Opbergen
Do Surrey girls have such a bad reputation?
I lived there for about four years .Yes they used to have bad reputations it was alot of fun there.I don't know about now .

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