Not sure if this is important

Reverend Blair
I'm not sure how important this is, but I've just dropped my cigarette into a box of papers and such. i'm considering moving it to the tub....
What the box? ...or the cigarette? Give it ...oh fifteen may become very important. Remember ....when its too smokey to see the screen ...its time to move the box.
Ten Packs
*** sniff, sniff ***

maybe you should consider moving your whole BODY to to the tub, Rev....
Reverend Blair
You know how this place is, Zen. You've seen me light myself on fire a least once or twice too, come to think of it.

It seems to be okay, but I'm gonna drink another few beer just to be sure.

How the hell am I supposed to know if the smoke obscuring the screen is from a fire or just drifting from the cigarette in my mouth, anyway?
Reverend Blair

maybe you should consider moving your whole BODY to to the tub, Rev...

I almost missed this, old dude. Likely not a bad idea though...the way I am with fire one can't be too careful.
I won't even suggest pouring beer into the box to ensure your safety ...
Reverend Blair
It went out so I didn't soak down my papers. There's a slight bit of burning on a couple of pages, but nothing serious.
Cosmo...that would be such a waste of beer. Far easier to throw the box in the file cabinet and smother the fire. Yes I have seen the Rev do this.
Reverend Blair
They call mr Mr. Safety.

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