WTF Are Soup Nazis?

Hard-Luck Henry
I had to double-take, but that's definitely what it says. There must be a rational explanation. Anyone?

Reverend Blair
It's from an episode of Seinfeld, Henry. There's this guy called The Soup Nazi who makes the best soup in the city and somebody in the Seinfeld gang makes him mad.
Henry you crack me up!!! (external - login to view)
Hard-Luck Henry
Ok. Thanks guys. Comedy eh? I guess you had to be there (Mind you, I remember a girl at college who used to continually pass judgement on everybody else's diets. We used to say "Quick, hide, here comes Der Sandvich-Fuhrer!")
Yo, yo, yo, peapod,
where are you?
your green is on
what's this I hear about going dancing? Sounds fun.
yo yo edge :P ya ya we got big plans for you and your zenfisher...does he have a little tuff of hair on his head like the know they have this spikey thing happening on their heads, kingfishers I mean. :P Don't forget the bunnypants cookies I shall return shortly, I must get rid of another suitor. *deep sigh* life is like a box of chocolates edge, you never know what your gonna get :P :P :P

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