Rev's Dream Girl

Here Rev ... If you and Mrs. Rev ever part company, you might want to look up this chick!

Reverend Blair
Ah, there's nothing like woman with a tray of beer.

Usually, if I ask Mrs. Rev to get me a beer, her answer is, "Get it yourself." Actually, sometimes she's not that polite.
Rev ... that's not a tray. She's actually HOLDING that many beer.
Reverend Blair
She's holding them? Whoa, a woman who can defy gravity.
Canadian Observer
Hey rev ,I miss your rants. Just a question : No malice intended. Arent you a proponent of the gay marriage? **deleted innuendo that was meant to be a personal attack**
Reverend Blair
Yes I am a proponent of gay marriage, CO.
Me to :P anybody number 3
Canadian Observer
Okey let me rephrase that. Hypothetically , along the way you found you real sexuality .How would you break it to the missus ?

And of course , supporting gay marriage is one thing , going through it is another . Would you ?

anybody number 3

Me! Me! Me!

So this should pass the motion.
wow does it get any more pathetic...your getting desperate canadian observer...its showing to.... :P
Reverend Blair
It sounds to me like CO is far less than comfortable with his sexuality and is projecting his insecurities onto others.

That doesn't really work CO...I'm not black either, and it's unlikely that I'll suddenly wake up and decide that I am, but I still believe that black people deserve the same rights as the rest of us.

Back to my dream girl the hell does she do that?
Canadian Observer
Hey pea , I was asking the rev.

And dont worry , I'm a comfortably real man

And RB . What do you think about Tammy Faye Bakker ? I see a connection there.
Reverend Blair
I don't think about Tammy Faye at all, actually.
And dont worry , I'm a comfortably real man.

Ya I can see that got some swamp land you wanna sell me to :P
Canadian Observer
Hey ppod , if your name's shakira , I might sell you my whole ranch.

i love that singer. I wonder where she is now.
Reverend Blair
Wow...a troll who is not only unsure of his sexuality, but appears to be on what my parents would call "hard drugs." We just called them "cheap chemicals" but we still had the good sense to stay away from them.

You didn't just drink the Kool-Aid, apparently used it wash down two horse tranqs and one of those yellow ones.
hey cosmo - great pic....that was my mom before us youngings. honest. kinda looks like pea though..............maybe pea's momma.
My hair is red...ehm I mean auburn...and I don't serve any man a tray of beer...nada...he can get his own :P
no, on closer look it really does look like your momma pea! but defintely no you, not nearly tall enough!
you need your *** kicked

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