Favorite snack food

So whats your favorite snack food? Since I no longer indulge much anymore in the refined snacks...occassionly I do have to have a bag of salty chips...however..I am addicted to pickled asparagus now. Once I open the jar I eat the whole jar, including the garlic.

Since I no longer indulge much anymore in the refined snacks

are we living on a different planet or something????? what the hell are you talking about????

of course we eat junk food, that's our main diet you idiot!!!!

let's see.........for our appies we have cheetos then we have bean dip (for fibre) along with the lime thingees that are triangle shape. then we have the main course - fat chicken flavored potatoe chips....i always fed them to the kids telling them that was their dinner, all food groups had been covered (chicken and potatoes) . ahh, the good ol' days. then we wash it down with 'diet' coke with lime. groovy...
Reverend Blair
It depends if I have my teeth in or not.

No teeth...Old Dutch salt and vinegar chips because they cut them really thin so you don't need teeth to chew.

Teeth...Guacamole taco chips; kolbasa, crackers and cheddar; celery with Cheeze Whiz on it.

Back when I had my own teeth...salted in the shell peanuts.
thanks for sharing that rev
Watermelon , natures snack food.
pea, do we know gonzo??? what's with you guys and all the healthy ****???

my god, i thought it was enough to have true confessions of eating organic mind you, eating my snack food organic should count i would think.

rev, i know what you mean about the teeth problemo. with my partial in, i can barely make it thru a bag of miss vicky's...imagine i couldn't without those little puppies.
Reverend Blair
I miss salted in the shell peanuts.

I miss salted in the shell peanuts.

how about fresh peanut butter...wouldn't that substitute?
pea, do we know gonzo???

No we don't but he lives here, we could spot him on the goose trail tho if we wanted to...how many people sketch on the goose trail and answer to gonzo :P

Gonzo you and your Mrs should have a starbucks with us all one night.
and ehm....if you had mentioned there was vodka in the watermelon, galaniomama would have been all for it..
Ten Packs
Do you folks know the Imperial brand Cold Pack cheddar? Comes in a red and black plastic tub? It's SO sharp, it nearly makes you pucker.

Well, get a stack of soda crackers, butter, peanut butter and the cheese. Just a smidge of butter, a knife-tip of peanut butter, and a small chunk of the cheese about the size of your finger-nail.

Carb Heaven!

In fact, excuse me - I'm gonna go get some right now....
Reverend Blair
Nah...these things are so salty you can actually feel the imminent heart attack. And they're crunchy. And you get to break the shells open. And they are the perfect food to compliment beer.

It's a whole culinary experience.

Do you shoot your watermelon full of booze, Gonzo?
I do indeed. I also like chocolate and penut buter, in cup form. Whoever decided to add chocolate and penut butter together was a brilliant man (or women).
Actually, I'm moving. I'll miss the killer weather but it's back to Ottawa for me. I'll be driving too, so I'll get to see this great land. How long does it take to drive across the country? Where are there good places to stop. I'll start another thread.
""Bunnypants Cookies" are the best snack. "YAY!!!!!. Did you ever get around to baking them. Peapod?
Say, Rev, you musta been the one to turn Zen on to the Cheese Whizz stuff in celery...eh?
We were running all around the grocery store for months looking for that stuff. He squirrles it away so that no one else can have any. Ewwwwew like we would. We do make our own ice cream sandwitches with mint choco=chip ice cream in between mud-pie cookies. Pretty yummy. Pistachio nuts in the shell are fun. The ones that are closed too tight go to the bird who can get them open real easy.
Is a Latte concidered snack-food, Pea?
I invented the "Choco Mocho Latte Ya Ya." No dairy or sugar and mighty fine. Also I created the "Boom Choco Lakka Lakka"
A tip of your Canadian Whisky in there will help you to forget it if your teeth are on the shelf, Rev.
You crack me up edge..here I was all cranky cause I had to mow the lawn...now I think I will make some Boom Choco Lakka Lakka
Yo yo yo, Peapod, mow the lawn first, if you have to, cuz we like you with all of your toes. Please.....
Reverend Blair
I never mow the lawn in February...another reason to live in Manitoba.

Does anybody on the west coast just drink coffee? You guys should try it.
I already mowed the lawn...and ya ya I gotta do it 12 months out of the year ...hey but I get to wear shorts with my toque :P In december that is :P
Reverend Blair
Shorts with a toque? I guess I could do that too...as long as I wore ski pants over the shorts.

What should I have for supper, mushroom soup or AlphaGetti?
ehm...Is your dinner with or without your teeth, rev?? :P
Reverend Blair
With, but you'd never know it by the menu choices. Mrs. Rev is sick so she opted for tomato soup. Kind of limits my options.
My favorite snack foods would be nuts(haha), Baked Lays potato chips, and 7 layer dip. Oh Nachoes too. I like pretty much anything actually. Apple and cheese slices are good as well.

Does anybody on the west coast just drink coffee? You guys should try it.

i'm with you on this one rev....i really don't enjoy the whole west-coast-coffee-express-mocha-**** stuff. can't figure it out. oh! once i was in starbucks and asked for a cup of coffee - she said they didn't have any. i laughed so hard, my daughter pretended she wasn't with me. after i recovered, i backed up to see the sign (it was in a mall) and said, ummm, when will you have coffee? in about 3.5 minutes as soon as it was made again...groan. not my idea of good customer relations.

anyhoooo, back to the west coast coffee thingee. yeah, i'm just a joe regular who wants a regular joe. my line at starbuckies. they also have no sense of ha ha there. but - there are some awesome coffee houses around for us folk who like the organic - fair traded coffee in our mugs, and plenty of them too!

you guys must have coffee houses/shops around, you just don't pay $4 for it, that's all
eh???? are you saying they have no sense of haha at starbucks after you have been allowed to sit with the jesters and they welcome you with open arms....the old knife in the back....
I was in the Starbucks on Government St and was just listening to the orders, enjoying a tea. They're so funny; "large Mocha Frappa Chino", what the hell is that? It all probably tastes the same anyway. In Ottawa, where I'm headed in two days, it's the same. Coffee culture.
Back to favorite snack food. I have a sweet tooth, and just discovered Penut Butter Granola bars. Mmmmm.
pea - for god's sake we sit outside and they throw us a coffee occasionally. can't sit inside 'cause is smells of rotten milk. i know it does. my nose never deceives me. i love the company, but the coffee........well, you know how i feel about this one....it's always a good one to get you goin'. kinda like heating up some mushy peas. ha!
Americano: A coffee made with two shots of espresso

Breve: A latte made with half and half

Cappuccino: A drink made with espresso and foamed milk - much foamier than the steamed milk in a latte.

Con Panna: Italian for "with whipped cream"

Double: Two shots of espresso in a drink

Dry: More foam less milk

Espresso: Coffee's purest, sweetest, most intense form

Grande: Starbucks second-largest size, 16 fl. oz.

Half-Caf: One shot of regular and one shot of decaf

Latte: A drink made with espresso and steamed milk

Light: Less of something in a drink, such as "light syrup" or "light whip"

Macchiato: Italian for "marked" or "stained". For example, the Starbucks carmel macchiato

Misto: Italian for "mixed"; in a combination of drip coffee and steamed milk

Mocha: A drink made with espresso, chocolate and steamed milk

Quad: Four shots of espresso in a drink

Ristretto: A short pull of espresso, capturing only the sweetest part

Short: Starbuck smallest beverage size, 8 fl. oz.

Single: One shot of espresso in a drink

Skinny: Made with nonfat milk

Tall: Starbucks regular beverage size, 12 fl. oz.

Triple: Three shots of espresso in a drink

Unleaded: Decaffeinated

Venti: Starbucks largest beverage size, 20 fl. oz. for hot drinks and 24 fl. oz. for cold drinks

Wet: More milk, less foam

Whip: Short for whipped cream

With Room: Space to add milk in a drink, usually an americano or brewed coffee
way too much text
are we suppose to print us this list when we go into a f***king coffee shop?????? what are we coming to here?????

think about it, this is getting out of hand. i am for the movement to restore regular coffee.
Did you use the F word I have never ever heard you use that word...I am printing this out right now....to be used at a later date

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