Half Life

I have just put Half Life and Half Life 2 on my hard drive, and my question is :do two Half Lives make a whole?
This reminds of the what came first the egg or the chicken. Lets see if we can make three pages of post out of this pondering question :P
Just before I came on today,I was killed by the aliens in the game. OK.I commited suicide by leaping off a roof to avoid their gunfire. I wasn't even despondent then..
Aliens...wow! Gonda blow is right, they are all around us. You need those special nike shoes for that, you know the ones they make at their factory in the jungles of boreno. They have spring action, so leaping is no problem. I have the super deluxe pair crouching tiger hidden dragon nikes. The only shoes for leaping off buildings. :P
It wasn't the leap that killed me,just the landing part. I think I'll go into playing Halo later on-at least there I have guns and ammo to blast the nasty alien buggers!
I like that "needs to get out more" tag,and when they do the sidewalks here and clear them of the 30 odd cms of snow, will be out and about again
You guys got some nice storms down there. The grass is still green around here, and you know what the darn annuals still have not died off. Its such a pain in the *** to have to a coat in december around here. Makes all the leaping harder.
Then, it is a good thing that 2005 isn't a "leap " year.Ha!My uncle used to tease me all the time about it being so cold in Vancouver this time of year, he had to put a sweater on to go outside. Today, it is a balmy minus 18,so I have no complaints.

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