Any freelance translator in the forum?


Hello everyone,

Have been absent for a while, I am back now. How are things going with all of you? I am looking for some freelance translators in Canada or anywhere to share the career experience and probably to share some information.

Please advise me if you do know some interesting translators.

Thanks and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Warm regards,
wintersnoe from China
What language?
Reverend Blair
I'm fairly conversant in Drunken Northern's all those James Herriot books I read as a youth.
Good thing to have Rev. Nowadays, we need Drunken Englishmen so we can understand what is coming out of Washington. You might become a very important person.
Reverend Blair
Only if my friend Jim becomes president. There have been times when I've had to translate for him at the Kingshead, the most authentic fake British pub in Winnipeg.

He say things like, "I av an imprial pin o' *** an eeeh pla o sumat spicedian."

That of course means, "I would like an imperial pint of Tetley's and a plate of whatever snacks you have that are covered in curry."

Jim's from Bradford.
Holy cow. And this is English? I hope I don't open a restaurant and he comes buy to visit and order something.
Reverend Blair
They've always had a really thick accent in that part of England, but Jim only talks like that when he's had many too many.
English vs Chinese translation..

happy new year guys

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