Where's Gonda Blow

hey gonda......what's happening in your world. not much here after the winter soltice dance, it was pretty good. over on saltspring island for a couple of days, lots of soltice parties and plenty of ol' rubbers too. i love the new cut of the rubbers, boots that is, lower cut and fab colour.

gonda - seen any aliens lately besides the ones that live near you?

we saw some activity in the sky on galiano a couple of weeks ago, but the regulars said 'nah....it's nothin' new'.......something to do with the air from the ol' big smoke - vancouver.

well, i am going to sign out now and hope i hear from you soon.
Reverend Blair
I miss Gonda. I was just out back talking to my neighbours the Greys. I think they're neighbours...they must live around here someplace. They keep hanging out in my yard and borrowing my Whitley Streiber books and asking about a man named Harry Dwarves.

Anyway, I was hanging around out back with them, drinking beer and watching them levitate the dogs, and I mentioned that I hadn't heard from Gonda for a while. They freaked....started yabbering at each other in that weird slavic language they use and pointing at the sky. If I didn't know better I could have sworn that there was genuine concern in those big, black eyes of theirs.

Is Gonda some sort of celebrity or something?
Gonda Blow
Kind friends I am moved by your concern. For my new found friends I pass on the following important message for your future protection.
The only way to protect yourself from mind-control beams is to wrap your head in aluminum foil. Amateurs usually do a half-assed job of this. They cover the tops of their heads, leaving their eyes uncovered, or their nostrils. Don't make this mistake! Devise a periscope for your eyes, or a small television screen cabled to a camera duct-taped to your shoulder. Run rubber hoses up your nostrils so you can breathe. After a day or so, you stop noticing the smell. Swathe your head completely in three to five layers of foil.
Rick van Opbergen
Thank you for your wise advice Gonda.

Is Gonda some sort of celebrity or something?

well rev, out here on the coast, gonda definetly comes under the
'celeb' category. very visible and held in high regard on the islands, especially salt spring and lasqueti. she has been forecasting all sorts of stuff, and i am surprised to see her posting here. she is fairly well known in certain circles and clubs, and has remarkable perception in what is going on in the 'real world'. cool dude to say the least, the last i had heard she was living up in alaska in some small town....glad to see she has migrated down the coast a ways. always on the cutting edge of UFO info, she'll never let you down with the real truth.

The only way to protect yourself from mind-control beams is to wrap your head in aluminum foil.

gonda.......i thought you only did that when you were trying to streak your hair???? i ALWAYS put the aluminum foil all the way round (they gave me that tip at the hairdresser!) and leave a breathing hole. that way you get the full effect, a facial, your eyebrows and your eyelashes tinted at the same time. cool. you come out of it feeling like you have been to mars and back.....
I think gonda should streak your hair with some foils, maybe from a galaxy far far away. You could do some space trading...like a foil wrap for some gum boots. :P
hey yeah, good idea pea, next time i am going to mention that to her. no wait - i don't have to wait to talk to her, i can just esp her.
ha! the ol' west coast way eh?
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