Happy birthday JD Dream!!!!!

Well people in exactly one hour and 10 minutes JD Dream will turn the ripe old age of 14 :P JD has been here since I came to the board, she is a real little sweetheart So Happy Birthday JD Dream...now the real trouble starts :P
Paranoid Dot Calm
Hey! PeaPod

If you could tell me the exact birthdate ... so that I don't need to figure it out and probably make a mistake ....
I could make a card like the Birthday Times card I posted somewhere else on this board, and where I used my birthdate as/for the example.

Calm, Right now

THANKSSSSSSS PEAPOD!!!!!!!! YaY!!! I feel so happY to myself
30. Dec, that is. She is in NL
Paranoid Dot Calm
It will take about 10 minutes.

For a "Birthday Times" Card
I need the year. Not just the day.

Without the date of birth, I would just create a different kind of card which would not require that.

Somebody mentioned being 14, that is why I felt comfortable asking for the "exact" birthdate. (Most people don't wanna disclose that.)

Paranoid Dot Calm
Hi! PeaPod

I didn't want to wait for your reply.
So, I created an executable card and it is zipped up.


How cute Thanks
Reverend Blair
Happy birthday JD. Don't do like I did at the age of fourteen. Christ, I'm surprised they didn't put me in a gunnysack and drown me like a puppy with distemper. Not that they didn't try, mind you....
Happy birthday, JD. Hope it's a good one.

A few of my friends have December birthdays, and one of them used to celebrate a half-birthday in June. One year we had a half-party for her... we served half glasses of punch, had half a cake... I forget what else, but it was loads of fun.
Edge & I wish you a Happy birthday Jdream.
Paranoid Dot Calm
Hey! JD Dream

Your welcome for the thanks given.

I should explain the confusion.
I read message by PeaPod and offered to make a card for PeaPod to give you.
When I logged on again, some 15 minutes later, I read the message from you and thought that PeaPod wrote it.
So, I replied with something about 10 minutes.

So, I waited ... I saw no reply from PeaPod ... so I created the card thinking about Private Messaging PeaPod and giving PeaPod the link and thus to post it for you herself.

Only after returning to the board to post the link for PeaPod, did I see that it was you who replied.
So, all my questions and element of surprise for you, were to no avail.

Happy Birthday.

Rick van Opbergen

Nou Marleen, harstikke gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag!!! Ik weet het, het is een beetje laat, heb het vandaag een beetje druk gehad, vandaar, maar genoeg daarover, 14 is toch echt wel een speciale leeftijd, en ik hoop dat je echt ervan gaat genieten (voordat je het weet ben je al weer 15 ) Heb je trouwens ook al cadeaus gekregen? Dat willen we natuurlijk wel allemaal weten hé Dus ik zou zeggen, geniet ervan, en drie denkbeeldige verjaardagskussen van mij!

Thanks fubbleskag..

Ricky toch die kusjes krijg ik toch nog wel he? Mwahahaha, Nouja thanx!!!!!!!!!! Ik heb een boel gekregen ja! Da vertel ik wel in het Nederlandse hoekje

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