United Spacemen of Andromeda

Gonda Blow
I am in disbelief a message from negative prick has come to me via my beta wave code breaker, I am on vacation on the red planet, is this true? Where will I go?

The world sits in stunned disbelief. These past two months can scarcely be believed and if I was to hazard a guess not a human being left standing can fully comprehend what has happened. For the few readers who have been living in a cave for these last few months I will try to give a brief account on what has transpired as best as we can make out.

It all started on that fateful night of the 17th when the first saucer was spotted by Norads deep space command centre. Within ten minutes their scopes were overwhelmed by thousands of what are commonly known as flying saucers; origins unknown. At approx 9.30 pm the saucers started firing at key Government buildings throughout the world. The first of many to be hit was the Kremlin in Russia with many thousands being killed or injured.
Planes and missiles were launched in a futile attempt to repel these invaders from afar but the ships were too quick and their defences far too strong, our weapons nothing more then meek child like toys against their onslaught.

Although the nations of the world fought valiantly to defend their homeland, they were no match for the sheer force of numbers and ‘man’power that the aliens had at their disposal. By 9pm on the seventh day earth had all but given up hope of fighting off the aliens. There was nothing else for it, earth threw down their arms and the aliens were in control. Earth was a seeping scar, blood flowed freely and many innocent lives were lost in the fierce David and Goliath like battle that had ensued.

With the leaders of the world now dead mankind held their heads in shame, a beaten race, in mourning and in pain, a subjugated people stood ready to hear what their attackers had to say. What follows is their words not mine; the aliens had prepared a speech to justify their slaughter.

“People of Earth rejoice! We the ‘United Spacemen of Andromeda’ have taken what actions we deemed necessary to bring peace to this galaxy. Your star wars projects and particle beam weapons cannot be tolerated by our mighty race! We have liberated you from leaders of tyranny & evil. Self determination being a nonsense, you will follow the ways of other more advanced worlds like ours from now on. A regime change was necessary as the only true path to follow is ours. We are your new leaders and you will do as we do, you will follow our culture and way of life or further repercussions will follow. In time we will pick certain humans to lead you, to teach you that our way is best … You are free to travel around as you wish ... that is all”

So now we are a lost people, our ways are already dying as the young imitate the new aliens way of life. Rayguns and spacesuits being what every child wants for Christmas. Huge water processing plants have started to be built, the aliens shipping out the water to their home planets. Some argue the aliens just wanted the water and all this talk of liberation was simply a pretence.
The aliens in themselves are strange creatures, with their big heads and loud voices they compete with each other to be heard. What they deem to be a more advanced nation to others seems sterile and without feeling. I suppose we must follow the ways of Andromeda if we wish to move forward as a people but the costs have been high, with lives, loved ones and dignity lost forever.
Reverend Blair
Where does one sign up to join the resistance, Gonda Blow?
sign me up to Gonda, I love a good resistance team :P ehm...but who is this negative prick
gonda - you are rambling, and i can't read that much info. way too much info. could you please condense and repost.

although i have seen spacemen before. honest. they were in my backyard when i was a kid. they landed and dug a hole.
yea i hate long reading

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