Happy to be part of this forum

As I was surfing the Internet, I went on another forum that some people here are very familiar with. I can't explain the hatred some of these people have inside them. One person in particular has so much hate I think he hates himself to be alive. The only thing he does there is post hate articles. Not political, not regional, not intelligent, but religious hate.

I learned during my visit that it is futile to even have a voice there since they removed my posting 2 minutes into posting them while the other guy have hundreds of postings and nothing is done about it. I was planning to stay and fight, but I got a wise advise from a wise man to think twice about it. Thank you wise man.

So I come home to my perfect place, Canadian Content. I really feel warm among all of you even though we disagree on some issues. We do respect each other most of the time and when we disagree we can come to terms of the other persons opinion.

We are the best. And I mean the best.

Love to all.
okay I wanna know whats up with all the warm fuzzy feelings :P :P
I just feel warm. How about you friend?
I think he's calling you fuzzy, pea.

You gonna let him get away with that?
Fuzzy Logic.
I prefer fuzzy, its tripy like a nice dream, it does not follow a straight narrow line.
What a refreshing and nice sentiment, Sam. I'm happy you feel that way about Canadian Content. On a second note: I saw some of your posts at CKA; Sorry to see you have to put up with some of the most illogical and hateful people on the planet.
Forgot to mention: We're also glad to have you here moghrabi. You joined this forum before we started growing a lot during the summer It obviously hasn't really changed much in it's overall feeling (touch wood).
Quote: Originally Posted by Andem

What a refreshing and nice sentiment, Sam. I'm happy you feel that way about Canadian Content. On a second note: I saw some of your posts at CKA; Sorry to see you have to put up with some of the most illogical and hateful people on the planet.


I am really happy to be here. I was feeling I was been eaten alive. Then my posts were deleted. That was the final shot for me there. No one to complain too, or to even explain the situation.

I don't know what to say about the other person there but he has hundreds of posts that are anti-Islamic, anti-Arabic and some anti Christian. The people there seem to be afraid to stop him.

You know something. I am fed up with the word anti-Semitic. I (we) don't have to live the rest of out lives paying for the mistake of one man (Hitler). Now if we say the right or the wrong thing, and the other side takes it as an insult, we are accused of anti-Semitic. On the other hand he could say whatever he wants and people are afraid of even saying shut-up to him.

Enough about this topic. I repeat that I am proud to be here and I hope I am contributing to this great website.

Rick van Opbergen
I'm glad to be on this forum as well. Before CC I was a frequent visitor of another forum, American-based. That one was great too. It had a lot of different people, people from the US, Canada, all parts of Europe ... It was a bit larger though ... It had some 25,000 registered members, and some 100, 150 frequent posters. I had a great time there. Sadly enough I was banned there last September - for no reason (and that's the truth!)
We should get some of the nicer people from your old forum here Rick!
We are glad to have here, Rick. You bring a European touch to the forum (and a nice sense of humor).
Rick van Opbergen
Well, there were a lot of Canadians there you know - and they were all great It was a very close community by the way - they had a history of meetings, both in the US as well as Canada as well as Europe (one in the UK, one in Germany). It was also a nice mixed audience - North Americans and Europeans, as well as people from Asia and Latin America; conservatives and socialists; hippies and far-right Christians I still regret the day I was banned - but then again, I probably wouldn't have found CC
Rick van Opbergen
Thanks moghrabi that also accounts for you (sounds fuzzy eh?)
Very fuzzy. Thanks for the fuzziness.

The people there seem to be afraid to stop him.

I can't speak for everyone there only myself. But in my experience that person you are talking about is a herring (talks out his ***) and I learned early it is useless to argue with him. He refuses to acknowledge the obvious, to accept he may be wrong and when all else fails he reverts to the most bizaare name calling.

I gave up early. His posts are obviously and intentionally

He is not worth the effort. He is a racist. He does not want to see the other side of things. It scares him.

But not too worry, he will come back as a his worst fear, you know? It's karmically impossible for him to be anything but that.
Thanks Twila. Your support there was much appreciated.
I was actually at a forum today, that I have to say was one of the worst places I have ever seen. Frightening people, they actually had a link where you could post a nice christmas message to ernst zundel. This was no joke, these people are serious and this is a canadian site. These places make you spiritually sick, just reading their garbage. Its best to avoid them all together.
Paranoid Dot Calm
I only belong to one forum at a time.
At the moment I don't post anywhere but here.

But, I've had some experiences. One time I was at a board and one member insulted me. In no time, the whole damn place "swarmed" me. I couldn't believe it. It seemed that if one member had issues with you .... the rest all climbed on the bandwagon.

The worst place I ever joined was a military site. I used to read post after post of American soldiers bragging about warfare.
Needless to say .... my views were not much appreciated.

But yuh know, I've had this nic for more than 4 years now and I still use it with pride. So, I guess I never harmed anyone.

This is the only forum I really belong to also calm, I look at alot of others, but nothing beats the wizard's work
God. Now you wrecked my thread. Now kiss and make up and go back on track.
I fixed your thread up by splitting the off-topicness
Thanks Chris.
This is a nice forum, very civilized. I guess we tend to become active members in forums whose general atmosphere we like. That of course depends on other active members, but a huge role is the played by the administrators and moderators, because if they don't tolerate insults and other garbage, people like that won't stay long.
what's with the postings here? everyone is waaayyyy toooo nice. warm fuzzy peas. think about it. they are MOLDY!!!!

but i do like this site too, even though i don't get to 'visit' too often. by the way, may you all have a great christmas!
Merry Christmas to everyone.
Rick van Opbergen
Who's Ernst Zundel?
look here Rick

www.adl.org/learn/Ext_US/zund...=2&item=zundel (external - login to view)
im addicted again *sigh* why did andem have to make shuch a good forum
Cause he is a good man. And you are too excited. I hope Christmas goes by fast. I can't look at your avatar anymore. Makes hyper. LOL

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