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Forum Folk Alert:
In the "Album" thread I have posted a couple pictures of Peapod. She may bring her lumberjack axe out here and chop me into pieces. If you don't hear from me in the next few days, please inform the appropriate authorities!
Pod decided against fame, alas ... pix deleted.
Thank you wizard for deleting. :P
Rick van Opbergen
Why were the pics deleted?
ricky pm give me your email address I will send you some. I don't want my face on the internet, bad enough my brain is out there for everyone to see. :P Beside I have enemies, I could be gunned down by gangstas if they knew what I looked like. :P
Rick van Opbergen
What did you do for people wanting you dead? :P OK I'll pm my e-mailadress. I have two. You may pick: do you want the one with my full name (first name + surname) or the other one, the name of which I don't like anymore :P
Well you never know who is out there ricky....oooooooooooh the internet is spooky well now my redneck friends are waking up, I got company from my hometown, every year before christmas, my place becomes a crash pad for rednecks from port alberni, christmas shopping. We are going to the "dutch" restaurant up the road for breakfast...omg omg omg....I will take some pics for you...first tho....starbucks, and my adoring fans.. most of all tho ricky I dread the idea of going to a mall today the things I am forced to do for my friends. :P
Rick van Opbergen
Christmas shopping ... still have to do some christmas shopping myself ... for my parents, my sister and her boyfriend ... and the dog ... I hate shopping ... For example, when I'm off shopping with my sister (I try to keep it a minimum, only once a year :P I'm a guy OK?) she just feels we have to go into every shop there is. I don't understand that. For example, some weeks ago I was shopping for a new coat, and my sister was with me (the first time of the year we went shopping ... OK I confess, the second time ) ... and in the first shop I saw an amazing coat, so I imagined I just bought that one so we could go back home ... My sister didn't agree, and insisted we first visited some dozen shops more ... My hands were tied: she had the car keys ... Eventually, we ended up with the coat in the first shop ... I could have saved an hour or so ...

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