Peapod & LadyC Summit

Well????? I hear the two of you finally got together for a meet! Galianomomma and I jammed out one too many times and weren't invited. But we want DETAILS. All the gory details!

By the way ... the dog in pj's is my fur kid. It's no longer "the cat's pajamas" as an expression of something exceptional.
ehm...well its cruelity to animals if you ask me to put a critter in that outfit :P .

Yes ladyc and I finally hooked up. Lets see....ehm...first I had to walk a good mile in the rain to get on the bucket of bolts. The parking lot was full. And I had to run, because believe it or not the boat was on time for once. It was friday so the boat was jamed packed full!!! I did meet a couple of awesome twianese girls, I was immediately attracted to them, as they both were wearing toques. :P So I spent the boat ride yaking to them. Yes I got a picture of them to saying merry christmas to the board.

Finally the bucket of bolts docks, and I walk the two miles to the terminal . Ladyc and I had a awesome time, she is just like she is here, except better I saw her house, I met her dog, I met her kids, I met her bird, I met her kids friends. And ya me and her daughter did a little dancing, and I admit the kid is good :P oh and I also met the gerbal.

We went out for chinese. A haunt of ladyc. I managed to twist the owners words on him, and tricked him into saying dinner was on the house. But he wormed his way out of it. We finished off at starbucks, but her starbucks cannot hold a candle to mine. They do not even have 1 jester there

The best part was the elf. Yes I met the most curious elf. My god his costume alone could hold my interest for more than 5 minutes. Now ladyc knows this elf, we paid a visit to get our candy cane. This was a very unusual elf I may add. He and I were tripping with the one liners. This elf tho was quick and sharp, and his comebacks were very impressive, as were his shoes that he acquired from indian. They were gold and curled at the end. I don't run across witty elfs very often, and this one was awesome. Here is the funny thing about this elf, apparently when he is not a elf,he is very shy and quiet, its only when he becomes an elf that the transformation occurs. I think the elf and myself could make a good team, ladyc just stood there mouth open sucking on a candy cane, listening to us yabber on. :P

I caught the 9 back, ehm....same story..crammed like sardines, but hey there were people on the bucket of bolts that I knew, so we played backgammon until we docked. Now its ladyc turn to come visit us. It should be soon because I told her kids all the things we would do if they came over. They have a new rant..."Mom when can we go to victoria and visit Polly" ehm....I just used my real name..ehm.. who cares :P

The best part was the elf.
The elf held your interest for more than 5 minutes???? I am impressed. Can we import this elf to the Rock? I've never seen you sit still for 5 consecutive minutes when you were awake. I could probably sell tickets.

Did you bring back candy canes for the rest of us?
Excuse me? The best part was the ELF???

It took me three passes by the ferry terminal to spot peapod. I was looking for a lumberjill in a toque. I finally remembered that she's really short - even shorter than I am, so I finally spotted her.

She climbed in my car (after moving some papers and other crap off the seat) and switched on the seat heater... nothing like a warm butt after a long ferry ride! We came back to my house for a quick tour (she wanted to see where I post my pithy words from) and then we headed out for supper. She quickly endeared herself to my son by asking if there was a good Chinese restaurant nearby - it's only his favourite place to eat!

After that we crossed the street to Starbuck's (admittedly not as good as hers - next time she can come in the morning and I'll take her to Petra's). We had a nice visit there - something nice about chatting over lattés - and then it was back to my house.

I took her to my friend's cul-de-sac to meet the elf - I did NOT have my mouth hanging open - and gaze at the beautiful lights. The elf matched her quip for quip... and even managed to best her a few times!

Too soon it was time to take her to the ferry, but we plan to return the visit as soon as possible. Unfortunately, with my kids' schedules, it looks like we can pencil in the 15th....... of July.......2006.

Someone asked once about meeting forum folk. I've met a few people, and I look forward to meeting a few more in the near future. I say if you can swing it... go for it, but be careful. You never know if people are who they say they are. Those I've met have been exactly who I thought they would be.... but I've heard horror stories too.

Merry Christmas!
LadyC I ment to write the "fun part" was the elf, not the best part :P That was meeting you and your little family.
Merry Christmas!

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