Whatcha eat'n?

There's the What are you listening to thread.

But my favourite topic is food. My favourite activity is eating.

So Whatcha eat'n?

I'm indulging in Breton Crackers and Smokes Salmon pate!
Chocolate covered almonds. But I could go for some smoked salmon pate right now...hmmmm....
im eating a hugry man diner cuz im lazy
I just finished krappy dinner...otherwise known as Kraft dinner. It wasn't very good. It was very.....artificial tasting.

I too was lazy. Tomorrow I'm having something better. I swear
Tuna and peanut butter always hits the spot, liberal amount of mustard on the bread, it is a new taste sensation, your mouth will forget how to chew, but you will be unable to stop yourself from swallowing.
Reverend Blair
That's how I give the dogs pills, Aupook...works every time.

For supper we had bolgna sandwiches, but there's a reason for that. Mrs. Rev had some kind of lunch thing at work, and I had a huge omelet...five eggs, whack of cheese, onions, bevy of mushrooms...and didn't share nearly as much with the dogs as I should have.

If we would have eaten a real supper though, it would have been hamburger mixed with rice. I'm sure there's a fancy name for it someplace, but not here.
Invite me over rev.
Today's Menu includes bologna sandwiches with extra bologna & perhaps,ashaved roast beef one,too.
I am eating rice crackers and brushetta for breakfast. I thought bologna was taken off the market, as none of the ingredients could be associated with real food. :P

"Sometimes A Cigar Is Just A Cigar"----tell that to bill clinton :P
Balonga is just the poor man's T Bone steak. I've had some money at times,most of the time I struggle just to get by and am going into another of my lean days. Balogna is just fine with me.
Rick van Opbergen
I had a "traditional" Dutch dinner - potatoes with gravy on it, a small steak (NOT American style) and string beans. And I also had vegetable soup. A traditional Dutch dinner
Sounds good. :P I just ate 'Rodekool' Bah bah! :P
Rick van Opbergen
Haha "rode kool", neh that's nice ... I don't like "zuurkool" (sauerkraut for all non-Dutchmen around here) though - if there's one thing I don't like, it's "zuurkool" - and liver of course ...
im eating cookies
Rick van Opbergen
What kinda cookies?
chocolate dare
ehm..well this has made me hungry, I am going to starbucks now for lattie, cranberry bliss bar and a jest...ehm also I will probally see some nice asses :P the real reason I go. bye bye little monkeys, cya.
Rick van Opbergen
Bye Big P., see you later ... and no pinching! :P
laterz in a while

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