Merry Christmas

Paranoid Dot Calm

If anyone wanted a card like this, I could make one for you. I could put whatever info you want on it. You could even e-mail me a pic which you wanted or chose.

I just installed this program. This was the first card I made with it. Too bad that chinzy Hallmark advertisement is on the back of the card. I tried to hide it with pics of snowmen...but to no avial.

I have other card programs as well. So, if yuh wanted a card, speak up now.

Oh! .... and Merry Christmas.

Edit: Here is one for PeaPod
I tried to cover-over part of the advertisement with "black".!DL/MerryChristmasPeaPod.avi
Thank you for that, I have a feeling you really might be santa :P
Paranoid Dot Calm
Hey PeaPod

Paranoid Dot Calm
You sure know how to put a smile on someone's face calm Thanks!
Paranoid Dot Calm
Paranoid Dot Calm
A Flash Presentation!DL/MerryChristmasFlash.swf
Paranoid Dot Calm

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