Do you believe in Aliens

Gonda Blow
I beleive in aliens, I have had many encounters with them.
Rick van Opbergen
I don't.
What the????????????? okay what is this.
Reverend Blair
It depends how you define it. Yes, I believe there is likely to be life on other planets. No I don't believe they are coming here to give us **** probes.
Too bad.
I know a few people who could really use one.
Are we talking legal or illegal aliens here?

Too bad.
I know a few people who could really use one.

You know this might be the reason certain people are the way they are. Not because they NEED an **** probe, but because they forgot to REMOVE the **** probe.
Twilia I think gonda blow mean the aliens that live ^^^ there.

"Portrait of a little member with big dreams, one gonda blow by name. A computer ghost cursed to wander through a physical universe where there are no barriers to the body or to the mind. A member for whom a physical touch is an impossible dream and who feels the cut of words as if they were knives. A members who's never been able to capture realities more intangible than aliens -- a noble profession, success, acceptance and love. Up ahead, a meeting with all gonda's desires, an entrance that leads to opportunity and...The Twilight Zone...."
Short and sweet: NO!

Short and sweet: NO!

What about illegal aliens?

I don't believe in the illegal variety myself. but that's just me.
I don't even believe in me! I could just be a figment of somebody's imagination.
Wow. So if I continue to converse with you via this thread, does that mean I'm actually just talking with myself?

Gosh, Twila, your a brilliant conversationalist, btw. lol
Is that like "if a tree falls in the woods" and I'm not around,"does it make a sound?".Talking to yourself is perfectly normal-my doppleganger says so!
If you could be a tree? what kind of tree would you be twila and missile?
Abig Maple is what is what I would be,If God had only made me a tree.
does anybody really care?
If there were Aliens,I'd prefer them to look like the one in "Species"[in human form,of course]
i do
i luv u

Truly, I do!
Michael Jackson is an alien being.
i beleve in that
Yes I believe in aliens, have you seen george bush's relatives, and to make the point a little finer, you kinda wonder from which rock, on which planet, bill gates crawled out from under. If he could do with his money what he did with windows, than america would be known as gatesville. More pith to follow later.
I do.
Rick van Opbergen
You do JDream? Interesting. Why so?
Hmm I aint gonna tell everyone, I have a reason for it.. I'll tell you sometime.. Rick.
Rick van Opbergen
Ehm OK.
of course i believe in aliens. what makes us so superior as to think no one else could be around???

i have seen a hole left by aliens, but never actually talked to any, except for pea

yeah, the comment about bill gates, i love it!!!! my god, that man is downright scary. ouch. absolutely no haha. but maybe he has been abducted by aliens, and this is their idea of a 'humanoid' to replace him. now that's a thought! hmmmm........
I believe there is other life out there. Whether they have visited earth or not, I am not sure.
Rick van Opbergen
I think that the universe is such an immense place that it would be LOGICAL that there is life somewhere. But I don't know, and I'm not going to claim there is life somewhere.
Gonda Blow
New friends I have been away on my "spirit walks". Most of the time, I wouldn't even leave my bedroom. I would just stand beside my bed and watch myself sleep. It was still an uncomfortable feeling, but less scary than the first time it had happened. As time went on, I began exploring. Most of these trips were pretty mundane; nothing more than walks around the neighborhood, really - except for the fact that I was floating instead of walking.

It's amazing to me now just how timid I was. I knew, for example, that I could pass though solid objects, but I would always try to use a door. I knew I could fly like Superman if I wanted, but I always tried to stay as low to the ground as possible. I knew I could have spied upon my neighbors without being seen, but I never availed myself of the opportunity. Most of the time, I was just as boring outside of my body as I was in it.

There were a few times when things got rather exciting, though. Here are three:

1) One night, during one of my "neighborhood strolls", I happened to look up at the Moon. I was struck by how beautiful it looked. It had never looked quite that way to me before. It seemed to be larger than usual. Larger. Larger. Closer. Closer. Yikes!! I looked back, and saw the Earth receeding fast. I panicked and, in an instant, I was back in my bed.

2) One afternoon as I was napping (or, rather, as my body was napping), I was floating around my neighbor's yard. He owned a dog, and I noticed that when I came near the dog, it would start to emit a whiny kind of bark. I found myself wondering if the dog could sense my presence. I found myself wondering what the dog was thinking - was feeling. Almost instantly, I began running fast, low to the ground. It felt so good to run. The smell of rich earth was overwhelming. I ran around and around the house. Finally, I ran up to my neighbor's back porch. There would be food there, I was certain. Yes! Time to eat! Just as I was about to dig in, I found myself back in my bedroom.

3) The last few dozen of my trips always ended the same way. I would be floating around the neighborhood, then everything would start getting brighter and brighter until I found myself in a place that was all light. Everything seemed equally bright, yet I could still distinguish one thing from another. I would hear people talking and, although the voice was different somehow, I knew one of the voices was my own. The other voices I had not heard before.
Anyone else have similar experiences?

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