Ive Been Slightly Sick And Halucinating

Gonda Blow
Hi everyone,

Well, i have been sick lately not really bad but this morning i was awake rolling over and listening to the radio i had just turned it on when i looked at my door way and there was someone standing there that i had never seen before and i moved and covered up expecting them to come in but they just literally faded away and i could faintly see the outline of the person before it totally disappeared. the persons face was also strange i got a cleaer side profile and the nose was larger and kind of narrowed to a point pointing downward and the chin came inwards the face didn't look quite human almost kind of canine like but still realistic and human like. I cant really recall wether i just continued listening to the radio or not this morning is kind of blurry. Im not sure wether or not it is because im sick or not, or if it was something else. I have been having possible abduction like events and found scars and marks that are unexplained for a while now. And then about and hour and a half later i went out and laid down on the couch and was just relaxing today trying to get over the sickness, which i didn't have any strong symptoms just relaxing to clear it all away and when i would stand up i would get very dizzy and the outside of my vision would become very bright white and close in on the center of my vision so i would only be able to see a small section in front of me i would usually fall from the dizziness then i would have a head ache. I most likely think this is the illness but im just curious because of the head ache and i am wondering if something might have happened this morning that i don't remember if you have any comments or ideas please let me know what you think.
Ehmm, hrmmm.. Is this a joke or for real?
Gonda Blow
Now i don't consider myself mad, I am aged 41 have a good lifestyle and all the other trappings that life collects along the way.
However because of things that happened in my life {Iam only speaking for myself here] I belive i am able to somehow connect with things outside of this physical realm. I have had many more than my far share of ufo sightings, So much so that i now take a video camera to work with me
every day in fact its at my bed side every night.
Sometimes as a child i would wake and see a small pale almost transparent being sat watching me. I felt no fear at all yet even now i cannot get the image of it out of my head, at other times during childhood images would come into my head of large eyes that seemed to be staring into me, and a sort of slow motion speech that was a langauge but made no sense to me at all.
These strange events have been on going all my life and there is not a day that passes that i do not search my inner soul for answers. In the last few years i have woken from my nights sleep to find holes in my arms and back. Not little scratches real holes. There is never any blood and the holes are clean and deep like a hole you would see in ice. They are now white and scared. Graham Bridsal took pictures of them for ufo mag. The hostpital where i went after the last holes appeared in my back took samples but could find no reason for them. The case notes say that they look like laser burns. Have any of you ever experienced such things.
Oh ok Gonda. I was just checking. It was with all due respect my previous comment. Happy to see you have the courage to let yourself go in online forums. We have a friendly group here who might be able to cheer you up! You never know
Gonda Blow
Thank you kind stranger.Have you ever experienced this vaxxj, I have seen and read accounts of many others who have. You can't imagine how upsetting this has to be for me and the others who have experienced this. It's such a violation of your person. Do you know of a support group for others like me?
Sorry, I'm not really that aware of a support group for you. Maybe someone else in the forum might know? Ask peapod She loves taking in strays.
Excuse me imma newb. Is this normal behaivour on this board??
Gonda Blow
Thank you again kind stranger, I will seek this peapod out.
Ok I have this one memory from my childhood that could be considered a little odd. I remember that we lived in a small two bedroom terrace and that I shared my room with a younger sibling. Anyway I have these memories of someone coming into my room at night, I remember being scared that something was coming through the wall and that this eventually resulted in my parents redecorating the room, because they believed that the wallpaper, which featured pictures of popular childrens TV characters, was somehow to blame. I have no idea what this someone or somebodies, looked like that were coming into my room, but what I do remember is that I would see images projected on the wall in front of me. The images reminded me of the diagrams that would appear in childrens encyclopedias. the images were mainly of what looked like a space station and it was animated, I could see the astronauts constructing it. This went on for quite a while but eventually stopped. Thing is I was given no explanation and I have no understanding of what happened or why or even if it actually happened I just know that it was strange.
I'm seriously not trying to patronise you, but if you sold your life experiences to producers for television shows like the x-files, you would be very well off.

You don't say where you're from, but if you are Canadian, you might be eligable for help especially if it makes your life harder to live. It really depends on your province, but you CAN find help.
Gonda Blow
You are a non believer kind stranger, yet I was drawn to this place, a beacon of sorts. had a recent dream experience where there were two skinny long/thin legged& armed greys floating above my bed each at an angle looking down at me. It Felt strange and real in so much that I awoke from my sleep turned on the light in my room and tv and could not sleep the rest of the night. After that dream the next night I had the feeling of something the size of a large rat scurry off my bed at the foot of my bed I was kicking my feet and legs as to brush or kick it off. It ran or scurried on two feet. I hurried to turn on the lights and saw nothing. I don't know what to make of it. Another thing I wanted to mention was that several times in my sleep I have seen demonic looking creature/faces up close with exteremly large black life-less & souless eyes. These creatures that bring me night terror or nightmares also have a mouth full of very sharp teeth and when they get close they open their mouths and show all their sharp teeth. It looks like they are screaming but there is no sound heard
What the ?????????? is going on around here? are we being invaded by E.T like people Gonda how about sharing your drugs :P

After that dream the next night I had the feeling of something the size of a large rat scurry off my bed at the foot of my bed I was kicking my feet and legs as to brush or kick it off. It ran or scurried on two feet. I hurried to turn on the lights and saw nothing. I don't know what to make of it

I don't mean to sound patronizing, because I'm not trying to be.
However, I often have wide awake dreams. The last one involved a little creature wearing a yellow suit (complete with hat) climbing up my bedroom wall. I jumped out of bed to grab it (I often dream of things floating around my room and I'm convinced I'm awake. I'm often thinking "see, it DOES happen") So I stood up and reached for the creature only to have it disappear.

I know I'm dreaming. I sleep walk, sleep talk, complete chores while sleeping. It comes from a vivid imagination, and stress.

THis maybe the case for you in regards to the above quoted portion of your post.

For the rest of it. I have no clue. I've never been abducted, I've never seen a alien spaceship. So I can't say.
Gonda Blow
Is anyone here in possession of blue or red time warping moon crystals, I need some! Please help me out. I only appear to have the green ones at the moment. The evil Dr. Flaxon searches me out, The new laser-to-gray-matter linked headmount unit is not working properly However we now have great hopes to bring recovery rate up to an acceptable scale within the next several months. We desperately need more volunteer subjects. Someone is threatening me, one of the previous volunteers.

You evil bastard!!!

Where the hell is my spleen? I went in for a simple ingrown toenail removal and woke up with an external bile collector duct taped to... aaarrgghh....
Reverend Blair
I only have cyan and yellow time warping crystals.
Well, I have to be rougher than the rest of you. This must be a joke. Get serious man. Stop taking too much drugs and you will feel very good in the morning. Slow down in the booze too.
ehm...wait a second my doctor names is" Dr. Flaxon " OMG! OMG! OMG! that explains everything...the bastard!!!!!!!!!!!
I have no idea what the hey is going on.

I have no time warp crystals. I do however have a Bana Banuie. But I'm not sharing.
Reverend Blair
I think I'll go find my sonic screwdriver and SEP shield.
I've got extra tin foil beany protecters if anybody needs one.
Gonda Blow
I am at a loss. Please kind strangers I need your input. I wrote a simple letter seeking help from Dr. Flaxon. Judge for yourself.

Dr Flaxon,

I'm encountering problems with my polymorphic matter psychokenitoscopic mind and ***** enhancer. Lacking the full power resources to satisfy its power requirements, I glommed power from four Western-state power grids and three secret nuclear test facilities.

Upon the return of power and lights to my own facility, I found that my companion Shi Shi (a poodle/rat-crap mix with pink hair, an attitude and an IQ of 140) was humping the cat. After extricating the cat from its involuntary participation in the mating sequence (I hope the poor thing grows its hair back), I donned an inversatronic transdimentional video viewer (ITVV) head display to review (I'm under-funded and haven't gotten a "VR" headset to date), only to discover that Shi-Shi had intended to cross-clone Me with a buxom human centerfold, a wolverine and a weasel clone, to fulfill her hidden sexual fantisies of the ultimate mate.

cross-species-cross-gender LAB EXPERMENT!!
Gonda blow

Mr blow, I have some observations. First, may I say I think it extremely ambitious to attempt to enhance both the mind AND the ***** at the same time - it's no wonder you had to borrow power. Perhaps you should break down your experiments into more manageable bits?

Second, maybe you should avoid letting your household pets wander freely around your lab. With a creature like Shi Shi present, I would think you'd keep the cat quarantined in your private quarters out of sheer concern for the animal's welfare.

I bred a Shi Shi once, back in my "Alternative Animal" days. After it installed toaster heating coils in my Betamax VCR and filled my wine cellar with roofing tar, I realized it had too much intelligence to be allowed to live, and promptly microwaved it, which it seemed to mostly enjoy.

Lastly, it appears you have too much cloning equipment around your lab. Casual cloning is dangerous and unethical, and can be painful as well. We discovered this a long time ago, and at my lab we have instead chosen to accept the natural order of things...

The Evil Dr. Flaxon

this is inconsiderate and rude of Dr. flaxon
ehm...let do starbucks gonda
Reverend Blair
It sounds to me like Dr. Flaxon is afraid your research is going to surpass his, Gonda. Perhaps if you contact Zaphod Beeblebrox and Whitley Streiber they can offer you some advice.

Is anyone here in possession of blue or red time warping moon crystals

hey gonda - i've got some extras here.....are you still on earth or did you rotate back to mars?

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