blaber chatter

yea blaber chatter time ^_^
eh? what this all about than 007, OMG OMG OMG!!!!! the potato that I put in the mircowave to cook just blew up!!!!!!!!! OMG OMG it was a big one to.! brb....
There is potato flesh everywhere in my mircowave...why are these things happening to me*stares out the window for 5 minutes* no answers yet.
Still waiting for an answer, but now I forget what the question was, think I will order chinese food and take a little nap. *back to staring out the window^^ I was gonna do something, what was it? ahhhhhhhhhh
ewwww! potatoe flesh.

You do know that the only kind of vegetable that you can successfully blow up into alternate food is corn, right?
try puting a cd in ur potato pea so much funner
I cleaned up the potato flesh, and no 007 I am not putting a CD in the mircowave my nephews have already showed me that one. Corn ummmmmmm..I might try that one out. Does it turn into popcorn than? depends on the kind of cob I suppose.
What happens with CD's in the micro?
trip the light fantasic, its a good about the corn what happens?

Note that the CD will be unusable afterwards !
It has to be dried. Then if turns in to this lovely white fluffy stuff that is extremely edible with melted butter, and garlic powder.

does the CD destroy the microwave?
Really it turns to popcorn. Well I am gonna try that. Thanks for the new experiment, here is one for you. (external - login to view)
joyus fun gotta find an unused microvave in the trash
are you gonna try some of those experiments 007? let me know the outcome. I gotta find some of that corn to try. :P Got something else I could try to blow up in it?
well there alway the sodium - water expirement
i luv u
ya that must have something to do with salt. I nodded off,and my dinnerwas in the oven and is burned to a crisp now. Guess I will have to venture out for some grub.
Well thanks little dude, i luv you to :P as long as you are a little dude and not a 85 year old man posing has a little dude. :P
lol u seen me pic no sodium and water goes BOOM!! lmao
im not posing
i luv u
You are not posing for what? Whats the best science experiment you ever did besides disect frogs.

Are we having a love fest...okay i luv you to :P
disecting the pig heart i have a great story that goes w/ it
im not posing as an 85 year old person
i luv u
yes well I gotta go and get some grub, than a starbucks and a jest..write down the pig story here so I got a bedtime story to read tonight. cya :P
Oh I almost forgot....i luv u :P
ah ok so where in biology class and we have diesect the heart and my parner is a squeemish girl so after much convincing she finaly louces the heart that im holding in my hand and she is still nervous and as soon as she touches it i make the hear giggle and i scream "its alive!!!" and she feaks out and the whole class laughs quite funny actualy well thats it
i luv u <3
oh oh I have a story about a science experiment that went horribly wrong.

It was gr. 9 science. Our teacher was fresh out of university and oh so handsome. I'd come to class after practicing the rastafarian lifestyle at lunch.

After being removed from my regular seat (with my friends) because of giggling I was placed with someone I didn't know very well. So no giggling. I did learn though that sometimes. after rastafarian practice you can think your thinking thoughts to yourself. Thoughts such as "I wonder what he (the teacher) would do if I gave him a kiss" only to discover that the mind has engaged the mouth and vocalized this.....thought...verbally.

What I learned in this impromptu experiment was to keep mouth firmly closed (place fingers on lips to ensure this if unsure of lip closure due to numbness) and to never practice rastafarian activities before a class with a cute teacher.

Our vice principle also experimented with drinking at lunch and learned that no matter how much you pretend to be sober and how much the lockers need to be held up teenagers will always smell the alcohol on your breath and gossip about it for weeks.

K. That's my science experiment story. Have a scientifically advanced day!!!!!!!!!!!!
Twila the only solution for a problem like this is rasta cookies, for the vice principal. The only science experiments we did in high school were drugs, I'm from the late sixties you know. This is one experiment my class did well in. We were so excited about science by than, we apporated a phrase from business. "better living through chemistry".
lol good one btw im here 4 a bit ppl
the ppl are very happy about that 007 :P
ooo goody
luv u
Rick van Opbergen
Aha ... that's why the "luv u" from Big P. ... luv is in the air :P
tis a mutual agreement rick it only happens if i think of it and that im posting after her
ya tis a mutual love fest 007 and I have, and we are not sharing either :P
luv u to.
lol i just got the funnyest add here it is

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luv u
Rick van Opbergen
You're not sharing? *sigh*

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