How big is yours?

How big is your snowbank??? Do you even have snow in your part of the world?
Well, i'll be the first to answer my own thread.......we have rain. sorry.
mmmmmmmmmm.What is going on there at your workplace, are you having christmas drinks or something, you are asking strange questions. Ya its raining guess that mean we will have to mow the lawn again before the end of december. Anyway I got stuff to do. Later.
heh heh, now that pea isn't around, that isn't true.....she NEVER cuts her lawn in december, always waits til the first day of january, around 8 am and heads outside with pots, pans and a LAWNMOWER!!!!! bitch. she just does that to get even for the past evils and dog poop on her lawn. yeah, you know her, the one who takes the dog poo, places it in said paper bag, places on step of neighbour, lights said 'package' and leaves..........nasty bit of work that one.
what the ?????????????? okay that its, I got the rest of the day off, I am heading your way right now to see what the ??????????? is going on down there. I am gonna kick your *** hide quick!! start hiding.
Rain here too.
No snowbanks here yet,just a nice cool day!
Pat Bateman
Having snow in Paris is uncommon, sad isn't it?
lets see before or after the snow plowghs
we have a bout a foot on the lawn
we had a pile 4 feet high in the street but its gone now
Twila.. Wouldn't living in Surrey make you...wait for it... a surrealist ?
Quote: Originally Posted by Pat Bateman

Having snow in Paris is uncommon, sad isn't it?

How's about that hurricane? That's more than just unusual.that's downright weird.I saw the skating rink on the Tower-tres cool!
No snow here yet! But soon. I'm counting the days on my calendar. Winter's just around the corner, and I'm looking forward to that first blizzard. Gawd, I hate summer!
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