What do you put on your tree?

View Poll Results: What do you put on your tree?
An Angel 3 30.00%
A Star 4 40.00%
Other.. Please explain 3 30.00%
Voters: 10. You may not vote on this poll

Peapod wanted me to make this poll for her.. So what do you put atop your xmas tree? A star, an angel? other thing?
Well I don't put up a christmas tree, not into it, to busy as you can see from my new signatuare. :P But we have a big one at work, there is a horrible plastic angel on top with beady eyes and well its just plain ugly.
A star, I guess.
An oversized star.

Eternal I like that one, much nicer than a plastic angel
Paranoid Dot Calm
I'm like PeaPod .... I don't put up a tree either.

At Christmas, I intend to visit some friends who have kids and who still believe in Santa Claus.
I'll go there for Christmas dinner and the money I save on not having to buy a turkey myself, I'll spend to buy the kids a toy.

But, I love my cranberry sauce! It ain't Christmas without "whole" cranberry sauce!

Two years ago, my sister sent me a complete Christmas dinner. A farmer from up near Kingston sells turkeys and he delivers.
I even got a pumpkin pie for dessert!
I'd drag my "Herman" across a mile of broken glass for a piece of pumpkin pie and ice cream right now.

Hey I got pumpkin pie here calm, come on over :P but have you ever had pumpkin cheesecake now that is yummy
this year we have a small moose statue to place on the top. nothing too elaboret, i don't like it to take over the whole tree, if you know what i mean, but it is a canuck tradition in our home, and he looks quite comfortable there. i think.
Reverend Blair
I don;t put up a tree, but Mrs. Rev does. At some point it always ends up being topped by a cat.
everything and everbody is comfortable at your house, everybody is drunk all the time :P

everything and everbody is comfortable at your house, everybody is drunk all the time

that was a little nasty pea, but you know that all us canucks are heavy drinkers.......that's the only way we can cope. now that i think about it, i think that is the only way we can cope in society in the western hemisphere is to drink or smoke dope. something like that. i think i am right on that one.
Reverend Blair

everything and everbody is comfortable at your house, everybody is drunk all the time

The cats aren't drunk...they're on catnip.
Sorry I wouldn't know

The cats aren't drunk...they're on catnip.

you know rev, we had to quit giving the cat nip to our four footed friends, they just got way too hyper on the stuff.....got kinda nasty too. do you regulate it, or do they have 'free range' cat nip?
go plain star or a cat depends
Rick van Opbergen
I voted other ... we put this "piek" on top ... don't know how to translate it ... it looks like this one - very much actually. It's red too.

Reverend Blair
We give it to them as a treat, galianomama. They get it a lot less this time of year because they can't get outside to burn off any excess energy, but we still give them some.
Being a Darwin household,
Zen and I have a fibre-optic-techno tree with a little monkey on the top. The angels and stars live in the house.
Reverend Blair
You put Zen on top of the tree?
Yeah we used to put an angel ontop of the tree which was pretty and gave it some character. Now we have this ugly plastic star with Christmas lights attached to it, I don't like Though I guess it's more modern to have a star that lights up, but the fake gold plastic it quite tacky.

I also don't like the fake trees, but they are better for me as they I don't get those pine allergic reactions and itchy skin
No, no, no, dear Reverend. You know that he could never stay still long enough to get him stuck on the tree-top. And that would come as quite a shocking way to decorate.....eh?
I have a real tree with a pretty angel on top. Well, not yet, but within the week I will.

The angel has a porcelain head and hands and a lacy dress. She has real blonde hair and she's holding a light in each hand.
We have always put a angel atop our tree. Some stars are nice like the star off of cartoons or television programmes
The tree is now up and the monkey is smiling brightly. The zebra and the giraffe have some odd expressions however. Personally I think they are a little miffed at there position on the tree. Rev you still topping your tree with an empty Canadian bottle?
Reverend Blair
Nope...it's all Two Rivers Red now.
what's with this two rivers red stuff? or am i allowed to talk about that - am i hijacking this thread.....help!!!!!
Ten Packs
Ours is a ball and pointy spire kinda thingy - a lot like Rick's.

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