i found some moving tinkerbell gif for u so u can a a moving avatar like the rest of us

Thanks, SJ - trouble is, though, that I can't see them move. I think I've disabled activeX.

I like the look of them, though. If someone can tell me what the movements are, that might help me decide. #2 is shaking her head and #3 is turning - according to the properties, anyway.

I can see them fine with ActiveX disabled. I like #3
I was leaning toward #3 myself. I like the white background.

But why can't I see them move? On another forum I have a waving Norwegian flag for an avatar, and it doesn't always move either. I assumed it was ActiveX, but apparently not.

Anyone have any idea why I can't see them move?
I think the static one looks good, your current avatar.

Why don't they move? I know when you press the stop button or click a link the animated gifs do stop.
LadyC. You look good in all of them. It is not the Avatar. It is the person behind it.
Rick van Opbergen
True ... But I would still go for option 3 Hey sj007, do you have some moving avatars for me too?
I got mine while I was surfing. It is good for christmas spirit.
Paranoid Dot Calm
Last edited by Paranoid Dot Calm; Nov 1st, 2006 at 11:15 AM..Reason: just me
Rick van Opbergen
Darn. When I'm surfing, I never encounter moving would-be avatars *sigh*
What do you like to have? a moving monkey?
Rick van Opbergen
Neh, I'm done with the monkey-thing ... I dunno actually (...)
I'll try to find you something as curious as you are.
Rick van Opbergen
Ehm OK ... is that a positive or a negative thing?
Paranoid Dot Calm
Last edited by Paranoid Dot Calm; Nov 1st, 2006 at 11:15 AM..Reason: just me
Rick van Opbergen
Do you have a link? Oh wait it's (external - login to view) right? I'll visit it right away.
What a nice man you are Calm. Can I visit too. I am a memeber there....
it is forbidden
Paranoid Dot Calm
Hey! Moghrabi

I don't know if you meant you had a problem joining or whatever. I don't even know if your a member or not. Since I don't communicate with my site members, who joins or not is of little interest to me. I don't check my "who joined" everyday.
Last edited by Paranoid Dot Calm; Nov 7th, 2006 at 03:44 AM..
Calm you are are busy paranoid :P Thanks for the card. XOXOXO gotta go now for 10 minutes at least :P
Thanks Calm. I was not able to coonect because I clicked on the link Rick had posted. Did not have the port number. I can now. Yes I am a proud member, and if you need me to contribute something, just ask.
i can provide gif seeing usualy how bored im here so just make request in the gifs thread

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