Clown haters

Does anybody here hate clowns I have a cyber friend sandradee, she belongs to a fourm that hates clowns I have been there! you would be surprised what is around about clowns Their motto is "clowns are the devils's mimions" Anybody else here have issues with clowns? The stories are shocking over there here is a example:

So I was walking around Los Santos in the new Grand Theft Auto San Andreas game by Sony and I come across this ice cream truck with the dubious name "Mr. Whoopee" printed on the side.

The top of the ice cream truck is adorned with this phallic depiction of an ice cream cone sticking out between 2 round scoops of whip cream.

I decide to investigate this purveyor of ice cream a little more deeply and who do I find as the driver of the vehicle? A creepy, sneering clown!

Is this who you really want selling ice cream to your fictional, video game created kids? Does the video game world have NO values?

I quickly gave this video game clown "what for" and went about my business of being a good citizen of Los Santos.

lol this is a joke story right
No there is a big forum for clown haters. Check it out I will send you the address. Be careful tho, you they mistake for a clown :P
My sis-in-law was afraid of clowns when she was a kid, and my niece (her daughter) was the same. THey were afraid of anyone who covered their face, whether with a mask or makeup.

It's understandable - they do look rather creepy.
Paranoid Dot Calm
I like clowns. Some people even claim they taste funny.

I think clowning around is a great pass-time.

yes ladyc there is some serious clown issues at the i hate clowns fourm. I don't think there is any other way to be except clowning around :P keeps you sane
I have never liked clowns. Although the only time I was ever scared of them was when I watched the Steven King movie "It". Creepy stuff. Actually the only REAL creepy part of the movie was the fact it was small town USA in Maine. Ugh!

I just get annoyed by clowns these days
Are you talking to me andem :P Hey on your signature the part that says Lanana lanana lanana lanana is that from the lllama thread :P
Rick van Opbergen
Like Andem, I don't like clowns either, and like Andem, "IT" is to blame. I was only 9 or 10 when I saw that movie ... Traumatised for life.
ya he was kind of a nasty clown wasn't he

Their hands were everywhere" -Milhouse
Marge: "So Mr. King what tales of horror do you have for us today?"
Stephen King: "Well actually I'm doing a biography on Ben Franklin. A very intresting man. Did you know that he invented electricity? And used it to torture small animals. And that key on the end of the kite was used to OPEN THE FIERY GATES OF HELL!"
Marge: "Ok, well tell me when you get back to horror."
Stephen King: "Will do."

"Now Lisa, theirs a time in every fathers life when he blows up his daughters room." -Homer

"It's gonna take a lot of fireworks to clean up this mess" -Homer

"I curse, I gamble, I pick fights with homeless people,..." -Krusty

"I gotta sit up now? What am I, Baryshnikov?" -Krusty

"I think I'll go somewhere friendlier, like beautiful downtown Grozny" -Krusty

Anyhoo, the key to fathering is don't overthink. Because overthinking is um...what were we talking about? Ooh, a clown!" -Homer

"Saddam Hussein? They should call him so damn insane!" - Krusty

"Well, I won't lie.. Fatherhood isn't easy. Like motherhood. But I wouldn't trade it for anything. Except for some mag wheels. Oh man that would be sweet!" -Homer

Krusty: What's your name again?
Man: John Updike.
Krusty: Whoa! I didn't ask for your life story!

Marge: So Mr. King, what tales of horror and macarbre do you have for us today?
Stephen King: Oh, I've stop doing horror for awhile. I'm actually doing a biography on Benjamin Franklin. He was a very facinating man. Did you know that he discovered electricity? He used it to torture small animals and green mountain men. And that key he tied on the end of the kite, IT OPENED THE GATES OF HELL! (Lightning flashes in background)
Marge: Ok, well tell me when you get back to horror.
Stephen King: Will do.

Mafia Guy: "Johnny Tight Lips where'd they hit ya?"
Johnny Tight Lips: "I ain't sayin' nothin'."
Mafia Guy: "Then what do I tell the doctor?"
Johnny Tight Lips: "Tell him to suck a lemon."

Krusty: "You probably think I'm perfect, don't you?"
Sophie: "I don't."
Krusty: "Well, I lost your violin to a bet in a poker game."
Sophie: "What!"
Krusty: "Don't worry, I got you an even better instrument."
Sophie: "Dad, that's an ukulele."
Krusty: "It's the thinking man's violin."

[Homer is chased by the mafia]
Frankie the Squealer: "That's him! Homer Simpson: he's the squealer!"
Homer: "Well, I'm sorry."
[gunfire stops]
Homer: "Sorry that you're such jerks!"
[gunfire starts]
Rick van Opbergen
God, I love the Simpsons!
Me to :P Hey wanna join the insane clown posse? :P You gotta sing this song tho.

Lets go all the way, by the insane clown possey

Aint nobody kill us
Everbody has they own
Nobodys like us
Everybody everybody is free to roam
Look at that scrubbie
With a highie on his side
Look at them rich kids
Poor kids
Everybody together on the same side
And they down to ride

Lets go all the way (lets go all the way)
Lets go all the way (lets go all the way)
Ahhhhhhh ahhh ahhh
Lets go all the way

Aint nobody left out
Everybody gets to go
It can never be to crowded
Cmon we still picking up some more
Dont nobody hate you playa hate you
The ring dont hate at all
Carnival and fans gonna get you theyll catch you
Cause they never will let you fall
You aint gotta worry all day long


Never known sickness known sickness
Nobody has to die
Everything is censored
Want big and bad you never have to wonder why
Wont nobody rush you no code red
Be as long as you wanna be
Can you guess what this place is your future
Make it a reality
All you have to do is find the way
Rick van Opbergen
Do we have to adapt special names when we want to become member of the ICP (Insane Clown Possey)?
Okay you can join, I will deputized you and victorious, his name can stay as is, you are now Demetrius, just call me bello nock, a clown's clown :P
Rick van Opbergen
No "2 Evil 4 U" as an appropiate name for me? Oh ... OK, then it is Demetrius ... broahahahahaha ... So, what will we do first Bello Nock? :P
Well lets head for the nearest sewer drain, and we put 007 aka bobo, up front, he can go first, when he in the posse.
Rick van Opbergen
OK Bello Nock!
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