What's everyone doing?

What is everyone doing for Christmas??

I have got to bear the family overload thing!! Going to the Isle of Wight (probably no one knows where that is- but it very Southern England) Of course no one there really wants to see me!! They are more interested in seeing my little boy and no doubt he will get very spoilt!

The thing that is best about Christmas is that I am off work for two weeks. Hoorah!!

:P :P :P
The usual, one hand typing, the other hand stroking. I am stroking all the way to new years.
Sounds a bit on the dodgy side- who or what are you stroking?? I must know
whata got?
I've got a lovely green folder infront of me!
The same color as money? honey?
Not British money- maybe Monopoly money
Reverend Blair
Of course we know about the Isle of Wight, Emma...that's where they booed Jimmy Hendrix. You can learn a lot of geography watching documentaries about people who choked on their own vomit.

I'm staying here for x-mas. We were considering driving around Saskatchewan for three days, but there was some resistance to the dogs showing up because they scare my relatives.

Oh well...we'll go over to the in-laws and my mother-in-law will count every beer and cigarette consumed and my nephews will watch TV and whine to go home the second their gifts are opened and their dad will sit quietly and my other bro-in-law will hide in the basement.
im oding on chocolate and candy canes
What will I be doing at christmas? My usual brooding and moping.
why its so much fun to od
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