Hey Big. P!

Rick van Opbergen
Hey Big P., you're back! How are you? Did anything wild in Vancouver? Or haven't you been to Vancouver yet?
Morning little ricky, no I was not in Vancouver, I was on my island, fishing and chopping wood with my cousin. We are lumberjacks and we sleep in our touques and boots. And we caught lots of fish, probally cause we were blasting chumbawamba farewell to the crown it makes us go nuts!!! I think its the oyster band that plays with them.

Poacher come with his poacher's gun

Out in the woods to shoot someone

"My lord your time has come"

Right between the eyes!

Fell his master not by chance

Away with pomp and circumstance

Come join our merry dance

To the rhythm of goodbye


Farewell the jewel crown

Farewell the velvet gown

Watch it all come tumbling down

Goodbye to the crown

Goodbye to the crown

Goodbye to the King of Nothing, really

Wave of a hand, not a life of Riley

Part Nazi, part King Billy

Goodbye to the crown

Goodbye to the dear old mum

Mummified on gin and rum

Smile and wave and just play dumb

Goodbye to the crown

(Repeat chorus)

Goodbye to the media *****

And all the pious work for the poor

And all the faces that she wore

Goodbye to the crown

Goodbye to the royal We

And all its famous pedigree

Let's put this dog to sleep

Goodbye to the crown

Comos I have a couple of fish for yea :P
Rick van Opbergen
Nice! There is a Starbucks mate of you here new on the forum by the way - aupook. Is she/he dangerous? :P
Aupook! Yes I am familar with this weasel :P king of dwarfs :P He is very good to his mother tho He keeps messing with my cloths whenever I let him do his laundry here. Time to sharpen the axe :P
Rick van Opbergen
Ehm OK
You do know I am kidding right :P *starts the grinding wheel up and gets axe out*
Rick van Opbergen
Yeah ehm I know you were kidding *rolls eyes* duh ... But has anything unusual happened when you were off with your cousin fishing, chopping wood etc.?
Boo! *pushes peapod to the other side of the world*
Rick van Opbergen
No reply by the Big P. ... hey, you DID scare her! :P
Big P is at work and I'm goin too now.. :P Sorry Ricky cya later, hey nederlands, KNUF! :P
Rick van Opbergen
OK, houdoe! Zie je later!
Well not really, he has a nice little cabin on horne lake, no running water or bathroom, dam I hate that one!!! ever since I saw that esposide of the X files with the monster in the crapper, well I don't like using portable potty cause I have to check for eyes in the hole now :P Don't worry I have my axe with me. I am not gonna take any crap from a monster in the hole.

We had a nice fire on the beach, its right outside the cabin just about, but things ended up as they usually do once he starts swiging the rum right out of bottle, he starts dancing around the fire, singing his dumb *** fishing songs, this time it was bad, I had to knock him to the water just to shut him up. You try listening to his singing.

Come all ye jolly listeners and hear me while I hum;
A story I will tell you of the salty fisherman.
From all the little rivers and inlets of the coast
He seems to like Pender Harbour to bum around the most.

Oh, early on a summer's morn when the breakers pound,
He eases from his greasy bunk and gazes all around.
The sky's a little cloudy and breezes fan the sea;
He crawls again into his cave, a breakfast for the flea.

Or he may crank his lemon and through the waters plough
To swing bull some and gossip over at the scow.
They never wash their carcasses; that's why they always drown;
The bilge, the grease, the weight of fleas always drag them down.

They wear their shirts until they rot and fall into the chuck;
Their feet stick out of rubber boots, their pants themselves could walk.
Most of them are lazy born; others say they're tired.
They walk a slow and shuffling gait as if their feet were mired.

Siwash bums, quarterbreeds, big Sweedes, Scots and Poles,
The scum of many different blends that should be on the coals.
One always smells a fisherman before he's seen or heard.
He leads a free and careless life; Oh, what a funny bird!

They tell you stories by the mile of fish that they have nailed;
They tell you of creatures of the deep and of the seas they've sailed.
Now, all you jolly listeners believe me if you can
It's all the truth I'm telling you, 'cause I'm a fisherman.

Christ he has a terrible singing voice, and the howling is a bit much to, later that night I heard him fighting with the portable potty monster. :P :P
Rick van Opbergen
Are you sure you didn't visit Jurassic Park? It sounds like you have a good relationship with your cousin, not?
Peapod call me a weasel.....true.....but what a weasel.

pssst....Peapod is so old now, that she is a prisoner of gravity, in order to make her smile, we have hang her upside down from the rafters.
Quote: Originally Posted by aupook

Peapod call me a weasel.....true.....but what a weasel.

pssst....Peapod is so old now, that she is a prisoner of gravity, in order to make her smile, we have hang her upside down from the rafters.

LMAO ... better put up a few more hooks, Aupook -- there's a few of us in that category!

Yep, Pea, I shall make the long trek into town tomorrow to gather my fish. You did clean them, right? That part I DON'T do!! Ick.

Oh wait ... you and Galianomomma are coming out to help put the house together tomorrow, aren't you? Are you bringing the Weasel with you? I actually hung a few pictures yesterday but have not been particularly quick at getting things done. Too busy hanging around this place!
Don't be giving that weasel any ideas, bad enough I have to seen his aging face everyday at starbucks, and now he knows where I live.
lol o well
ya he is a pain in the ***, but you can come along with me 007 :P I think yea and me would really have some fun
its a shame i live out here
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