How to keep the CIA busy?

Al-Salam'u'Alaikum brothers and siters.

I came up with this theory while thinking about the Hizbullah that perhaps US intelligence gets notified of any internet correspondence containing words such as al-Qaida, jihad, Qur'an, hadith, ahadith, Mullah, 'Ullamah and other words which could potentially come from the Iraqi resistance.

So I came up with the idea, al-hamd'ulillah, that if we always peppered every post, e-mail and any other electronic correspondence with friends and family, Mu'min or otherwise, that the CIA would simply be so inundated with such electronic messages as to be rendered useless.

But then again, I'm not sure how the infidels do it, and so this is just my theory, as a slave or servant of Allah.

Your thoughts?

I'm sure they do monitor electronic communications...don't think it's a ggod idea to try though- don't really want the CIA or any other similar organisation to be tied up looking at e-mails all the time...I'd rather they were out there looking for people that may well blow me or my family up!!
Rick van Opbergen
what a plan Machjo! But then again, I'm not waiting for two "men in black" standing at the front door in two days hehehehe.
The pot industry in BC is controlled by the CIA, where do you think george bush sr. gets his "medicine" .and their hydro bill is overdue. We can keep them busy by telling them "we want to be their friends" drop by for a cup of "tea" and we will talk about it, and return all their listening devices when they leave. However the genetic material is non negoiable.
Shukran, brothers.

Now as for the men in black suits are concerned, how will they prioritize which of the milion people to arrest first.

So I think I'm safe, especially here in China, an officially communist country with nuclear capability, insha Allah.

Oh, and another advantage. Let's suppose that they figure we're pranksters, then the fakir might just stop reading our Canadian content posts, Al-hamd'ullillah. And at that stage, we will be free at last. By the way, are you of the 'Ahl-al-kitab?
Rick van Opbergen
Salam, my brother. I understand what you mean :P We will be free at last, Insh'Allah!
Paranoid Dot Calm
I think if everyone went outside dressed up as a CIA agent, both the CIA and FBI would be kept quite busy.

I'm paranoid.
Last halloween, I went out dressed up as a CIA agent. (Scuffed shoes and all) .... Just to see if I was being followed.

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