Quit Stalking me, peapod and andem. its a crime.

Why am I so infamous that Andem and Peapod had to go out of their way to stalk me on other forums?? I am not even talented in comedy. I did not practice at all.
Quote: Originally Posted by Giraldi_Theirrey

What makes me so infamous here on these boards?? I don't even have half the talent as that canadian jim carrey of yours. I typed what I feel out on these boards with little or no thought at all. So shouldn't you guys be going after the more funny guy first??

Little or no thought? That's what I've been thinking this entire time It's just so funny reading some of your stuff it makes me and others crack up. It's the only element which kept you around here! Hilarious
You are in financial services too as I see from your profile....wait a sec... You must be that crazy guy from primerica who is recruiting in public bathrooms to join his scam!!!!!

That guy has been in the same bathroom for awhile, knocking on the door to the toiletry and trying to recruit people at the same time while they are taking a sh-it.

Is this primerica dude you?
primerica dude in toilet number one:
Ugh..please...humph...join....arg.plop... our great.... argg oppruntunity at...arrgg..ugghhh...humph..ahh... primerica....flush....

guy in toilet number two:
hump...plop...arggg...I don't....humph..uggghh...not...ughhg..plop flush...not interested....flush.........

Of course at the cops had to take him out. even with his hands cuffed, this primerica dude tried to recruit the cops into his scam, lying infront of cops about the opprutunity and yelling out to everyone he sees.

You should of seen what happen when the primerica dude went beyond despreate and tried to go into the ladies washroom to recruit....... or is that guy you??

The gal was beating this guy with the arm that she ripped off of him... so brutal and bloody... sigh...

oh well I mean..... Oh CANADA!!!

You should of seen what happen when the primerica dude went beyond despreate and tried to go into the ladies washroom to recruit....... or is that guy you??

That's how he recruited me to this site.

How did you get here, pray tell?
LMAO. Primerica.

I have a story about them actually. They picked up my resumé from someone some years back. I had no idea who they were. Anyways, I went to an "interview" and was totally blown away by what they were trying to shove down my throat. But they are still calling me. Last girl who called me mentioned the name Primerica and first thing I said "Sorry, I'm not interested in pyramid schemes". She said to me (stupid b**ch!) "Do you know what a pyramid is??"... OMG! Stupid woman, get a life :P Ofcourse I know what a pyramid is.

But no, Geraldi, not that kind of financial services

On a similar note, I would never and will never suggest Citigroup shares to anyone, just because of Primerica and the day they wasted of mine... and their telemarketers are ultra-rude.
I can't stop laughing.
Diamond Sun
Quote: Originally Posted by Andem

LOL, I don't really care what he has to say.. I'm more interested in treasure trolls now! I really want one now! Ebay time...

I thought I was the only one who liked those things. I collected them in the late 80's and 90's and I have over 100 of the things. They're sitting in a box at my moms. Make me an offer!
The only thing I know about trolls is they come from acorns, and I have at least a million acorns on my property.
I had to scrape myself off he floor when I read this thread. Diamond giraldi is no where near like the way he is here at other fourms, a little strange but nothing like here. Seriously, seriously giraldi, seriously, you should do stand up comedy, you are very good

Are you pulling a andy kaufman on us Giraldi? None the less there is no where you can hide, I a peapod croft, troll slayer, and I have kicked jackie chan's ***. *screws sillencer on to big hand gun*
Geez, Giraldi_Theirrey, now I'm feeling all depressed. No one ever stalks me around the internet!! What is it you do that is so exciting? Please let us more mundane folk know so we can elevate ourselves to be worthy of stalking.
i had a troll and i cut his hair when i wuz 5 cuz i though *** would grow back

i think giraldi has forgotten 007 over here
okay gerry are you tibear or what ??
okay gerry are you tibear or what ??
okay gerry are you tibear or what ??
Hey giraldi, is that a relative of yours knocking canada again, the newbie named LaoWai..have you mastered the art of cloning, if so, surely you will be able to get that job your after now in canuckland.

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